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Thread: Gamertags and such

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    Default Gamertags and such

    IF you ever want to post you gamertag or wow name or guild wars name or whatever put it here. And how about we sticky this thread.
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    Fallen_mink (Wow, burning blade, US(remove the _ in the name)
    Fallen_mink x (X-box live, you need to PM me via this forum or I WILL NOT accept you on my account, no TB talk on there(remove the _ in the name))

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    Xbox live and Steam for pc, Granolaman. They are shared accounts, so use caution before bringing up potentially personal stuff. On Xbox, I do Halo 3, Mass Effect, and Viva Pinata. On Steam I do Team Fortress 2.

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    class: Druid (yes I know the name dosnt make sense because iam a Druid)

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    WoW Warrior Flobber Human Chromaggus.

    I'm the ass of my server.

    Steam name Bobber72 Also don't bring up, stuff that we discuss on this site unless I say its OK. :P

    [email protected] cheating name

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    Runescape:vdell1212 and vdell1414
    Gunz: vincent_jor
    solder front: vincentthethird and vincent_jor€
    gun bound:vincent_jor
    pirates online:vincent_jor
    puzzle pirates:vdell1313

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    Just a quick update on my XBL username, My live expired so if anyone wants to add me it'll be a while until I can play.

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    Server - Alleria
    Name - Sygdrid
    Race - Human
    Class - Warlock
    Guild - FireBlood Dragon Slayers

    Steam, XBL, XBC, and pretty much everything else is Malaci

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