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Thread: How does being incontinent feel different from being continent

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    Default How does being incontinent feel different from being continent

    Like, can you flex your junk?How do the shutting muscles feel?Does going about your daily life feel different from being continent?Does your mentality change any?Do you know you went everytime you do it?Do you feel the warmth or smusm or something?Bonus question:How do you make money and how does being incontinent effect your jon position?

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    And yeah, I've heard that it does affect jon position - guys have to point their jon downward so it doesn't pee over the top.

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    ok, i'll bite... but there are some very detailed posts already on this subject.

    Like, can you flex your junk? - Sorta, if i understand what you are asking. But only after arousal.
    How do the shutting muscles feel? - if you mean the pelvic floor muscle to restrict/stop flow? No.
    Does going about your daily life feel different from being continent? - Yes. It Sucks. I would rather wear when/if i wanted to.
    Does your mentality change any? - Not sure, but since I have had problems always I'm not sure what to compare it to.
    Do you know you went everytime you do it? - No.
    Do you feel the warmth or smusm or something? - Warm or a 'tickle' in other areas usually that lets me know I expelled. Not sure what smusm is.
    How do you make money? - I work in an office job.
    how does being incontinent effect your jon position? - I guess whisko answered that because I can't think of what else you might mean.

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    Assuming you mean what I think you mean, wouldn't know if I could flex mine or not since I have another condition that affects that.

    I can feel mine since my IC is caused by mine being extremely weak, not totally dead, but they tell me they are feeling very depressed today because of the weather

    I can honestly say it hasn't really affected my daily life that much, but then again due to some other conditions I have I tend to stay at home unless I absolutely have to out, and then being IC is just like dealing with those conditions: I do what I have to keep it under control and minimize the number of potential problems for myself and others.

    It doesn't affect my mentality now, but it used to. I won't go into how since it's not something I really like to discuss.

    Do I know every time I wet? Usually I don't, at least not until I feel the warmth in my diaper. On the rare occasion where the flow is bit larger than normal I may feel it when it starts, but that's pretty rare these days.

    As for your bonus question, due to some of my more severe health issues, I'm unemployable in any job that requires me to be in the presence of other people for any length of time unless I'm heavily medicated to the point it's near impossible for me to do a job so I'm on disability.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My incontinence has not made me impotent.
    I have relatively mild incontinence. Part of what happens is that I have a dribbling effect after using the toilet, so the diaper keeps the front of my pants from getting soaked. Sometimes I get that whole urgency thing even though my bladder is nowhere close to capacity.

    I work in criminal justice in a civilian capacity, so I don't have to pass a physical or carry a gun.

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    11.. yes. you sort've have to to point it down.
    22. I've never really noticed the muscle contractions so I really don't know.
    3. I only notice at this point when there's a warmth in my diaper. AAs for spasms II believe you meant, II sometimes feel them but more often than not I don't.
    4. I work in an office where I've got to do a lot of running around. I won't tell my employer unless II'm asked specifically.
    think that's abou all, right?

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    My diapers are my underwear, I just have to change them more often. They are bigger and thicker than normal underwear so I have to wear larger pants over them, but if I don't wear, then I will have to be changing my pants all the time instead of just a diaper.

    When you are incontinent it's important to work at and find what works for you. Everyone is different and each of our needs are different. As some have pointed out, some incontinent people dribble or leak and don't know it, some like me have no bladder control and it lets lose when it wants to no matter what I am doing. For the most part, pointing down is the best aim for me but sometimes in the morning when I get up, I will point it up till I get changed because when in bed the back of the diaper gets all wet and the top part stays a little dryer.

    I am not impotent but it has slowed me down in that area. My urologist has even asked me about this and I was shocked the he brought it up. He said that with my type of incontinence that over time it could/would affect me sexually and to talk to him when it starts bothering me.

    I use the bathroom just like normal when it's time for me to poop. Nothing strange there, pull diaper down or take it off and sit on the toilet. lol.

    Having to wear just of urinary incontinece now that I have good diapers and have learned how to deal with it, doesn't stop me from being normal. I work just like everyone else and no one at work even knows I wear diapers. I am still very active, I give talks in front of a few hundred people at times, and even do work at a prison. At the prison the higher ups and the officers that have to check/pat you down all know I wear and at times I have to take some with me. It's all on how we want to live is how our diapers will control us.

    It amazes me that so many people think that being incontinent is so different that it causes us to be something less or causes us not to be able to enjoy life. Well if you let it, it can, but I refuse to let it.

    Changing a wet diaper is easier than wet pants.

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    Interesting questions. Since my back surgery I can't flex anything, if I understand your question. Nothing works anymore down there, which is actually kind of a blessing for me. I do feel the warmth when I wet, but not any actual sensation of wetting. I'm a family needs specialist where I work and I work with adults mostly and wearing this underwear (gauze prefold diapers and plastic pants) doesn't really affect my job. Also, being incontinent is no different than having a limp, or speech impediment, or any other physical defect. My mind is as crazy as usual! Seriously though, I rarely think about it. It is what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teamaster View Post
    Like, can you flex your junk?How do the shutting muscles feel?Does going about your daily life feel different from being continent?Does your mentality change any?Do you know you went everytime you do it?Do you feel the warmth or smusm or something?Bonus question:How do you make money and how does being incontinent effect your jon position?
    You might want to search other threads on this very topic and explore the definition of incontinence. There are different kinds due to many different reasons. In my case, I have urge incontinence due to an overactive bladder and bowels (faulty nerve signals). I am not impotent. I usually know when I pee, but there's no time to do anything about it. It just happens. Basically, I've peed and pooped myself in pretty much any situation you can think of in everyday life. My doctors, family and some friends know, but I don't go around telling everyone. Yeah, I'm different, but I've been like that my entire life. It doesn't affect my job at all. Again, if you met me on the street, you probably would have no idea that I am diapered and incontinent. Not a big deal. A lot of people deal with much worse.

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    I know that for me when I feel that I got to go I start voiding. I have looked it up and it is a urge incontinence and yeah it really sucks. I do admit that I would rather be changing a diaper than pants. Other times I just don't feel it. I all the suddenly feel a very warm diaper which feels like I am sitting in a hot tub or something like such.

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