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    Default Looking for tape diapers

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any taped diapers (I think that's what you call them) that you can buy in uk stores? I know you can get them online, but I'm living in halls and mail always seems to end up in the wrong hands! Cheers folks

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    The only taped diapers I know that are easily available are Boots Stay-Dry range. However, these really do not cut it as diapers. They are one-size-fits all (S-L) and as such don't really fit anybody properly, they have little absorbency and are very leaky.

    That said, if you are lucky then you may be able to find other brands in stores near you. Some members have reported seeing some of Tena's tape-up range in their local Asda stores - my local Asda do not stock these, but if yours is large then have a look in their pharmacy section. If you do not have an Asda, or they do not stock them, then your next bet would be to look around your local pharmacies. I know that some larger Lloyds pharmacies also stock the Tena range, and often independent pharmacies may stock some range of tape-up nappies. If you are brave enough to ask somebody working in them then even if they do not have any nappies on display there is a good chance that they might be able to order you some for collection. Alternatively, if you do not wish to do this face-to-face you could try telephoning - Boots, Lloyds pharmacies and many independent pharmacies may allow you to do so, dependent on your local store.

    The other place to look is in stores selling aides for people who are disabled (or old). Shops which sell things like wheelchairs, stairlifts, mobility scooters etc often have a section in their stores which sell incontinence products. Such shops may have names like 'care and mobility store' or 'independent living centre' etc. Often these stores are not in the main highstreet, and so you may need to do a little exploring and/or online search to find out whether there are any near you. If there are, you may wish to phone ahead to find out if they stock incontinence products as not all do. It may also be that they are able to order some in for you. You probably have the best likelihood of finding tape-up, and good quality, nappies in stores such as these.

    Good luck with finding some tape-up nappies - unfortunately they are not easy to obtain without going online in the UK, but with a little searching and effort you should be able to find somewhere which either stocks, or can order, them for you.

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    Thats an awesome guide, thanks for your help. I think a good google maps session is in order!

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