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    Default Quake Live

    Does anyone in this Forum plays Quake Live?
    For Me it's by far the most Fast Paced Multiplayer Game I have Ever Played...
    But at the moment I'am doing fairly decent on it .

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    I played it for a day or two..

    It reminded me of Team Fortress 2, although, I could never really come to liking it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tailz View Post
    It reminded me of Team Fortress 2
    Hmm that could be true since TF2 has quite a lot of weapons but different classes....

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    I play Quake 3 sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AuroraTheNeko View Post
    I play Quake 3 sometimes.
    Basically that's Quake Live (but QL is a Free Multiplayer Version and it's just a Browser Plug IN!)

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