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Thread: I think I had a regression today.

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    Default I think I had a regression today.

    This morning while laying in bed I was feeling fine but then I started cramping up a big and not feeling that good but then later on it all started to go away but in a strange way

    At the time I was laying on my back but when I'm in a diaper and like that, it does make me feel babyish even though I'm not so much into that sort of thing, but then from nowhere I just thought to myself "wouldn't it be nice if I could just go back and not worry about any of this" Then after a quick urge to do so I started sucking my thumb. After that I didn't want to have any pajama trousers on and also I wanted something to hold onto so I went and reached for a soft rabbit toy that I have had sense a child. After that I was back sucking my thumb and lying on my back while holding that toy.

    While like it though I did also notice that my thoughts had become more simple and that also some things I thought of or noticed going around the words I thought to myself changed as well, like thinking of mummy instead of mum. While like this I felt really calm and relaxed and the cramp went away. While still in the phase I even messed and the thought of it didn't cross my mind at all.

    So is this an example of a regression going on? I've never had that happen before and in a way it wasn't even a side to why I joined this site ether. I guess wanting to relax and rid yourself of some problems can have some interesting effects on people at times. I wonder if it'll happen again though. After all that side is hard to tell.

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    From what I've read about regression I believe you were. I've tried it but since my mind is usually going a million miles an hour it is tough to simplify my thoughts so i need more physical items to help train me into regression until I can do it simply in my mind without help.

    That's really cool

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    It sounds like you had one, at least a small one. From someone who has them on a regular basis (though not in the last week or so, due to stress but..), but yeah.

    Just thought an opinion from someone who has them might be noted. Though, when I have them I am usually not conscious of having them until after it's over. It's the fact that it seems like you were able to tell that you were regressed is what makes me think that it was minor, not that it's bad!

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    Baby toys always help with regression. I'm sure we all have favorites that just naturally help us take that step back into our minds to being an infant. Regression is a very powerful coping mechanism, and I use it to relieve stress. Then there are the times when regression comes without any control (during flashbacks or after the recurring nightmare). It is a survival mechanism then and much more powerful. Both are protective and security measures, and we all need that from time to time. Color your world with baby colors, pastels, and retreat into that private world as often as you can. Thanks for sharing with us your experience. I hope you have many more.

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    A nice warm bottle, and my blankie, all alone at night, not a care in the world, usually helps with my regression, that and reading ab/dl stories,...helps to relax me

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    It sure sounds like it. I can relate to the urge to thumbsucking because that's an urge that's been creeping up on me more and more. I've never been really big on thumb sucking but everyonce in a while I'll get this like craving to suck on my thumb. I think regression is brought on in many different ways for me. It just depends on what's going on around me.

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    when im in bed hugging my barney under my blanket and my face is clean shaven so it dosnt irritate my face when nuzzling him when i wake up i sometimes feel like i dont ever wanna let him go cause im jus so dang comfy and letting him go would ruin it,i've actuly gone hours like this,sometimes 4 hrs will pass and ill jus get the feeling to get up, but i'd still be holding on to him lol.

    one of my first diaper regressions was when i was sleeping on my spare bed in the basement where i have the majority of my plushies cause of my crazy mom not liking them i woke up snuggling my Winnie the pooh and idk my vision was kinda rosy reddish, my mind was more then simple thoughts, it was actually blank, then i looked over at my lago box that iv had for so long its like the thought of going over and jus building something suddenly popped into my head,i went to stand up but i was so week at the knees that after afew tries of trying to stand i jus decided to crawl over to the box which wasnt too far away. i bilt stuff randomly then got board very quickly of it and just decided to lay back in my spot and snuggle Winne again and i got into the almost sleep state where ur aware of ur surroundings and still technically awake but ur jus so comfy and your eyes are so heavy that u jus lay there as my mind went blank again.

    my mom came about a short time later and called me for dinner and as i sat up i got a major headach like none before and i stood up and looked at what i built with the lago and didnt remember doing it....

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