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Thread: No, this isn't a fake or joke! Every airline should be like this!

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    Default No, this isn't a fake or joke! Every airline should be like this!

    We have a possible trip coming up and I was looking for airline information when I saw this. At first I thought it was a joke so I kept digging - this is the best example I found for this airline - *still laughing!*

    Kulula Humor - I thought this was a joke at first... | Dating Symbol

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    That's awesome!

    They try that in America, someone would sue. In fact someone did try. It was a southwest flight, where they do the seating thing, flight attendant came over and said "Enie meenie Mini mo pick a seat we gotta go" Some lady claimed it was racist and tried to sue.

    A flight I was on, a very short flight, they handed out drinks, some flight attendant told a guest to "Drink it or wear it"

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    LOL. That is absolutely hilarious!

    Also, I found some more pictures of their aircraft: kulula planes. Quite the sense of humor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WingDog View Post
    Some lady claimed it was racist and tried to sue.
    Yeah, I'm betting it was the meenie race, just sounds like they would have more of an attitude lol

    Quote Originally Posted by HogansHeroes View Post
    This way up LOL

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    Oh wow! That's great! I wish planes in the UK were like that

    I love the plane! Just a shame you can't see it for long when you board.

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    Kukula Airlines is a domestic, low fare (like our Southwest Airlines), South African carrier flying out of Johannesburg. The plane showed is a Boeing 737, probably 800 series. The international aircraft registration designation for South Africa is ZS (Zulu Sierra). You can see that painted on the fuselage..ZS ZWP. Their aircraft livery is quite unique, and very humerous!!

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    and on a point of information: if anyone doesn't know, the traditional rhyme "Enie meenie Mini mo..." used to be "catch a n***er by the toe" that's why it's associated with racism

    (not to defend the woman who tried to sue over it in a case where the n- word wasn't used, sounds like she was just pushing her luck in the compensation bandwagon)

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    That airline is awesome! I love the livery, Its humerous and really colourful! <3

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    Now that is some creativety. Reminds me of videos where the attendants do the safety thing to music and do a little dance.

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    Southwest flight attendants do similarly goofy things during the safety lectures, etc. Very entertaining. I wish more airlines would grow senses of humor, it really does help to break up the monotony of travel.

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