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Thread: Looking for the best pull-up

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    Default Looking for the best pull-up

    I'm a big fan of goodnites, but the current xl size is just a bit too tight for my taste. I recently bought the walgreens sleep pants, and I like them a lot, but they're not the same. I like the goodnites because they remind me of the pullups I wore as a kid. My dream pullup would be goodnites one or two sizes bigger. Does anyone know of anything like this?

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    Just curious, what were the walgreens sleep pants like? Are they like the older all-white Goodnites? How high does the padding go in the front and back?

    And to answer your question I think GoodNites is the largest of the 'good' kid-like pull-ups. I dont know of anything bigger than the GoodNites that are like them. But in my opinion the best adult pull-ups I have tried were Tranquility Overnight pull-ups.

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    I've always thought Goodnites were a perfect fit, for me. If they're too tight, I'm afraid your only option is some sort of adult diaper, I haven't heard of a diaper with designs made for older people. (Excluding AB/DL diapers such as Bambinos) You could look into Depends; although they're not babyish they do tend to be more colorful and less medical than traditional adult diapers.

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    I never experienced the all white goodnights, but compared to the current ones, they are slightly bigger and more stretchy, but the perforated edges are more likely to tear accidentally. I feel as if they are just as absorbent, but I am bot sure, give me a few more nights. :P The padding is slightly lower than the goodnites in both the front and the back, but because they're bigger overall, that wasn't really a problem. However, if the sides tear near the bottom they are ten times more likely to leak.

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    You posted the EXACT same thread in two forums. Why?

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    Because I am new to this site and a moron. it won't happen again.

    Speaking of which, is there a way to delete a thread you started? I'm out of a computer for a few days and doing all of this on my phone.

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    @ ABuniverse they have diapers with babyish prints in adult sizes.

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