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    Default Hello World!

    Hey Everyone! I'm new here, I'm a 19 year old diaper lover looking for information and diaper wearing friends!

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    Hi there! Welcome to ADISC I'm sure you'll find loads of friends here

    So, do you have any other interests apart from diapers I guess were all here for an interest in diapers :P


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    Haha, I actually ended up posting a new one cause this one wasn't detailed. :P Well, I'm currently studying to be an actor, so I'm big into action and script reading and television and movies. I write a bit, I'm currently working on a short script to have performed next semester. I'm also big into video games and music. I'm a bit of a furry, and I write furry short stories for fun.

    I'm really excited to be here and I car wait to meet new people.

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    I'm currently out of a computer so updating here is a real pain. I keep spotting spelling mistakes after the fact.

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