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  • I haven't bought it, and don't plan to

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  • I haven't bought it, but i really want it!

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  • I've bought it, but not finished it yet.

    17 25.76%
  • I've finished single player!

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  • Pah, singleplayer? I've already finished co-op. Twice. On my own.

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Thread: Portal 2

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    Default Portal 2

    How many ADISCers have bought Portal 2? Bonus question, how many of y'all spent the whole day playing it and have thus already completed the singleplayer? (Guilty as charged, here. So worth it )

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    None of these apply to me.

    I haven't bought it, I sort of want it, but I'm waiting until Steam does a like 90% off sale (which they WILL do... eventually >: ). Portal isn't a long game, this one is only 3 times as long, and it's $50. Yeah, nice try. I don't even have high hopes for it. Portal was a perfect length. It was long enough to get into, but not so long that the puzzles felt tedious and repetitive. I have a feeling Portal 2 won't be able to say that.

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    I just bought the game on Steam and been waiting for it to download. Taking forever considering its 12GB ^^;.

    Edit: Just started playing it so far on OS X, runs very well and the story is excellent so far. I think this definitely will be a Game of the Year candidate (though its way too early to say) and a great game in the middle of a current (and expected) gaming drought. And from noticing the changes on Steam and some parts of the Portal 2 multiplayer, it looks like the PC/Mac version can connect to the PS3 version and vice versa which is awesome IMO.
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    An option needs to be, "I've ordered it, but it hasn't been shipped to my house cause Amazon hasn't started shipping yet", or something along those lines. Cause I have bought it, I just haven't started.

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    I bought it, and so far I am very impressed. It is however, too early to say it is a contender for Game of the Year, what with Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 still to come out.

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    i havetn bought it yet, yet i'd want to >.>

    though, its 30 euro if i was to order it trough the us, which is a tad too much of the good stuff for me atm :3

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    I have it. A friend gifted it to me. So far its pretty good and a completly unexpected twist to.

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    I rather save 30 then spend 30. I can happily wait til some sort of promotion comes round.

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    Would it have the same impact as a separate game as Portal did? Probably not, but I would say that it's a pretty good sequel. I'm just about done and I haven't tried the co-op yet, but I'm quite enjoying it. The tone is much darker and the game levels more organic. It's longer than the first and the game feels more plot-oriented. That combined with new puzzle elements lets the game drag on longer than the first without getting boring, but it's perhaps an hour or so longer than feels right. Game of the year? Maybe, but there's still a ways to go (and a new Deus Ex game) to the end of the year.

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    I'll buy it went it's discounted in the inevitable summer Steam sale. I imagine that they'll slash $20, if not $25 off of the price then.

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