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    Hi all i have seen this on the forum before but i thought i would post my own review of the cuddlz.

    The first time i tried cuddlz plain was way back last year after an alternative to the bambinos as they are supposed to be the same or very simmilar. i got 2 sample packs one medium and one large i had to say i was quite impressesd so i thought i would try the printed ones for the first time.Delivery was quick as normal however when i first looked at the pack i thought there was no way there was 8 of them in , regardless i opened the pack and was shocked by the thinness of them the plain ones were much more thicker than these , neveless i put one one and my new snap plastic pants and onsie bought at he same time which i admit are brilliant.After using it on a night i came to this conclusion it can hold a few slight wettings but not a flood as i leaked.

    Its such a shame that cuddlz decreased there thickness and absorbancy however i did contact them as i was dissatisifed and this is what they had to say

    Hi Dean,We should be getting them in thicker in the future. They do actually have as much of the absorbent SAP in as the previous white ones but less filler. But the feedback has been to get them thicker so that is what we are aiming for in the future.
    Regards www.cuddlz.

    Maybe they have listned to the feedback and are actualy going to do something because as much as i like this nappy i may never purchase them again i am temted to buy bambinoes but the shipping is to high , any ways what do you think cuddlz will do and what do you think of them as they are ?

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    I think I'd love to try them, but can't for exactly the reason you don't buy Bambinos.

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