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    Default Hello all!!

    Where to begin...I've always been interested in diapers for as long as I can remember. I've never actually considered myself as a diaper lover until a few years ago when I started buying diapers secretly from my parents. I really enjoyed the way they felt; it made me feel secure, like nothing could hurt/harm me. I used to think that I was the only one who enjoyed diapers like this until I searched the internet and found this website.

    I like playing guitar, biking long distances, making pottery, and playing board games. I am sort of a board game collector like my dad. We probably have hundreds of different board games, though my favorite would have to be the classic game of chess. I could go on about every hobby that I have, but I'll be concise.

    I'm excited to meet a lot of cool people on here and be a part of the ADISC community!!

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    Hi there! Welcome to the site!

    I'm sure you'll find hundreds of us that share your feelings around the ABDL discovery - I certainly felt so alone until I discovered this site!

    What sort of pottery do you craft? And are you a grand-master of chess, or just casual player?

    Hope you get to meet lots of cool people on here too! Nice to meet you!

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