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    My name is Eddie and I am Incontinent. I have aspergers syndrome and my incontinence was cause by being put on the wrong drugs as a child. I am 29 and have a college degree in history.

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    Firstly, that sounds like a law suit and a half dude. Secondly; history was sooo not my strong point

    Anyways, great to have you on the forums, dude! Make yourself at home, post wherever the gut feeling says "eh, excuse me, but i think you'll find..." or just on topics that interests you for that matter... and obviously have a smashing time cos it's a really great placed to chill out and talk to peeps from around the globe =]


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    Wut he said! Im sure you'll find that we are genarally good peoples, and the content of stuffs will make you love us long time.

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    Welcome, pamperluvs. History eh? That's awesome! Was it fun to learn?
    Hope you have a great time here!

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