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Thread: who hear like to wear a kilt/skirt over there diaper?

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    Default who hear like to wear a kilt/skirt over there diaper?

    I always wear a kilt over mine, does anyone ever do the same?

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    I wear a skirt and girls clothes all the time and pretend I am a little girl toddler/baby

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    I just checked into my hotel wearing a Sport Kilt with diaper and plastic pants underneath. Business trips are fun... :-)

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    I agree with the 2 posts above mine :p I guess it's cuz I'm a sissy/lg but I love to wear skirts over my diapers.

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    I am not a sissy or act like a girl I am incont 24/7 do to a medical issuse and play the bagpipes so yes I wear a kilt

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    I'm not a sissy but I think it'd awesome to wear a diaper under a kilt.

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    I love to wear a skirt over my diapers but I like them to be short skirts so that the diaper shows under the skirt

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    Err NO,
    Kilts aint cheep, neither is dry cleaning, nor am I in the habit of just wandering around wearing my kilt,
    Ceilidhs Weddings Parties YES, Walking the streets NO NO NO.

    Why would you're average american have a kilt anyway?

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    Ide wear a kilt without a diaper :3
    But the lil girl I hardly ever let out desires skirts x)

    Howevveer, I hardly have that much privacy...D:

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