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Thread: How Long did you Last without diapers?

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    Red face How Long did you Last without diapers?

    Basically I'm just asking what was the longest time that you didn't wear a diaper or had any of it.... (don't include your first buy in years)
    Basically for me I didn't get to wear a Diaper for atleast 2 month's since I was on a family holiday back in my country and when I came back it took me another 1 month without them until I bought them again

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    However long I need really. I don't have much money and I'm still living with family, so it can get really risky for me. Right now, I don't even have anything in my stash. I think I can go for over a year without really. I have other things to keep myself occupied. Of course, when I do have diapers, I indulge when I find the opportunity, but there can be very long stretches of time in between.

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    since i really stared wearing about 3-4 months is as long as i Have ever really gone

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    4 1/2 - 5 years . Reason why... Crazy parents .

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    17ish month purge once, but I didn't have diapers for a while on either side of that, so probably close to two years. Even now I only pick some up once or twice a year. Can't afford to do it too often - they're pretty low on the student budget list. Even if I had the money to spend on them, I don't think I'd been into having them around all the time. Just an occasional thing is cool by me.

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    My longest was probably two years because that was when I still was in between liking and disliking diapers. It was also when I had a shortage of diapers and I couldn't go out and buy more because I was afraid of getting caught.

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