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Thread: McDonalds Supporting Gays? BOYCOTT!!

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    Default McDonalds Supporting Gays? BOYCOTT!!

    Think Progress American Family Association Launches Boycott Against McDonald’s For ‘Promoting The Homosexual Agenda’
    McDonald's "gay support" issue - Dave's Dispatch - Blog on Chain Leader

    American Family Association Launches Boycott Against McDonald’s For ‘Promoting The Homosexual Agenda’
    Oh sweet merciful christ. It's the AFA again and they're ready to boycott something else.

    I applaud McDonalds for joining the board of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, even if it's only for the money and good press. But whatever. If this is "agressivly" supporting the gay agenda (as well as gay marriage), then so be it.

    AFA President Donald Wildmon said the situation is “strange” because “it’s the family that McDonald’s appeals to — children’s playland, you know, all the little toys, all of that. And they are promoting a lifestyle that would utterly destroy the traditional family."
    Oh no! Not the traditional family! The traditional family is always under attack by those awfull, awfull homosexuals.

    WAKE UP people. There never was and never will be a traditional family, Your silly "traditional" family is what's known as the nuclear family, and it's only been around since the 40's. And it's dying (divorce rates in N. America are 55%). Family types have been as diverse as the people living on this planet and monogamy is hardly the most popular.

    We treat our employees and our customers with respect and dignity, regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or other factors.
    Go Mcdonalds!

    AFA has a long history of silly, offensive boycotts against, among others, Wal-Mart (for selling “Brokeback Mountain” DVDs), Ford Motor Company (for advertising in gay-friendly publications), and the American Girl dolls (because the maker contributed to a youth organization that was pro-choice and supported the acceptance of lesbians). In 2005, it called off its unsuccessful nine-year boycott of Disney (for its “embrace of the homosexual lifestyle“).
    Did you know if you take the 'a' and the 'diversi' out of 'diversification it spells 'fiction'?

    Here's a comment on the second article:

    The people who believe that "it's no big deal", I've got news for ya. It is. Because it goes against all moral values. Maybe not yours but that's because some people have let themselves be suctioned into the way the world is today and that is very sad. All I can say is they might want to think again because if they're not ready when the Lord comes back then they will regret not re-thinking the way they should be living their lives.
    Wow. Not just some moral values, but all. Thank god that accepting others for who they are isn't a moral value. I'll make sure to give Jesus a nice backrub when he gets here so that he'll be nice and ready to kick some homosexual ass. There's a lot of em too. I can do this without guilt because I know that God clearly gave them a choice to choose to be gay or not and face public persecution from overbearing religious types not to mention the amount of discrimination some people show towards them. What a package. You get to be gay and you can piss a whole lot of people off!

    I like how this guy said it:

    I've come to realize any group with "family" in their name is either completely full of shit or has nothing at all to do with families.
    I think this is the only thing from McDonalds that agreed with me.
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    I could care less what McDonald's supports or doesn't support...And I could care less what the AFA supports or doesn't support...I will say that I guess it's good for McDonald's to do this, although I wouldn't be surprised if it was an attempt to make money...I don't like the AFA though...They are too close minded

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    Heaven forbid McDonalds supports homosexuals! Hell, while they're at it why don't they shut down all their Halal stores as well, or limit the dress-code to Smart Casual Attire!

    Bloody hell, it's groups like the AFA that ruin progress for society. In the past, many developments or ideas that have changed the world for the better have been met with strict criticism from those who wish to preserve the "old, traditional way of life". But what is the old, traditional way of life? I think that concept has lost all it's meaning nowadays. There is no longer the "nuclear family" that was ever-present in old TV-shows. Today we have single parents, grandparents looking after the kids, extended family's, half/step-brothers/sisters, homosexual couples, life partners, etc.... all these combinations of what can constitute a family, all these combinations that are a perfectly acceptable way to live.

    For the AFA to want to boycott McDonalds simply because the company wishes to support a Gay & Lesbian group is outrageous, not to mention outrageously retarded. I don't see what they are so afraid of, or rather what they think homosexuals are going to do to them. Having faulted their "traditional family values" argument, then what do they have to lean on to support their argument. Who are they to tell us what is the correct way of living life and what isn't? Who are they to undermine our values, our morals, ethics and beliefs and then force their ideals down our throats while? It's unfortunate that we are a society that wishes to move into a brighter future, yet we always seem to make the journey with baggage from our past.

    This is a new age we're living in and having that conservative nature just isn't going to work out. With all the alternative lifestyle possibilities nowadays, any major company would be crazy to restrict access or services to some people. It's funny that - you always hear about people complaining that they've been ostracised because of their race, gender, sexuality or other factors, yet we have groups like the AFA who wish to promote that marginalisation, YET AT THE SAME TIME act like it's no big deal. The fact is, if the shunning of one person can spark an news report, then imagine what the shunning of a whole group can do. It's like racism or sexism against gay people - values which, ironically, pertain to the "traditional" way of thinking. It's clear that these people are simply living in the past and have ideals that haven't progressed since the days of the KKK.

    So I guess it's clear that I support McDonalds in this one. Whilst they might make some pretty shitty food, I cannot deny they they have both resources and power to give grand support to charities, groups or organisations. That goes hand-in-hand with being an equal-opportunity employer as well as a profit-making business. Regardless of the reason McDonalds are really supporting this G&L Organisation, at the end of the day, they are still a business and still need profits to stay afloat. Any negative backlash could easily ruin their image (especially with the prominence of homosexuality nowadays), and hence, they could very well slump in profits. It's just business, folks!

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    *pauses mid-bite of his double quarter-pounder*

    *mushes more fries into his mouth*

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    Of course they should be doing that. There is obviously an evil, evil gay mafia trying to destroy everything good about the world, and be evil and stuff. How dare anyone say anything good about people who are different then us omgwtfbbq. This is blasphemy and madness.
    (Sarcasm, if you can't tell.)

    There will always be some uber-intolerant group that wants to purge the world of all things icky. AFA, WBC, and stuff like that. I don't want to say anything like it, but a lot of them use religion as their main reason. >.>

    But as long as they're not like bombing places or hurting people or anything, they can say whatever they want. Gives other people stuff to laugh at. n.n

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    Default Are these fundamentalist groups everywhere?

    This brought to mind a thought I had awhile ago.I was reading Kraiden's post about the 80's and Humphrey B. Bear,there was a link to a Wikipedia entry about Humphrey.The entry said that the main criticisms of Humphrey were,1;He does not wear pants and 2;He does not talk.I was going to ask Kraiden if the Australian media makes such a circus of these kinds of issues as they do in the States.I remember that just a few short years ago it was the Telli-tubbies children's show that was going to "convert" America's children into homosexuals because one of the male chacters on the show carried a purse.This was a topic of discussion on news talkshows for weeks.Does every country have these wacked-out,fundamentalist groups?

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    [email protected] Gay Mafia... they don't just whack a guy, they whack OFF a guy :P

    On the topic at hand, I don't have much to say....I mean, whatever happened to "be a good person", "don't hurt others" and just general happiness? Isn't that what the (well, my perceived) interpretation of all this religious stuff is? Extreme(or fundamentalist...) anything (muslim, christian...whatever..) is bad. Extreme views are just that...extreme.

    I think the best thing for people to do in this situation is walk over to their local Mickey D's, buy a Big Mac, and eat that disgusting lump of crap...I think McDonald's has earned it :P

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    It's nice that they are supporting gays but they are lying because all they want is the press and the money they don't care about gays at all.

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    If I am ever in the same city as James Dobson, I'm going to make it my personal mission to hunt him down and beat him senseless. The man is evil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaultin View Post
    If I am ever in the same city as James Dobson, I'm going to make it my personal mission to hunt him down and beat him senseless. The man is evil.
    dude you must be forgetting about Fred Phelps or whatever the idiot's name is. The ones who's gorup is always protesting out side of a US Army funeral.

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