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Thread: Help, I'm in a tight situation

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    Hi, Today my friend, now ex friend, who "half-knows" about my tbism has allowed kid who bullies me and her boyfriend to manipulate him into ending the friendship and I was deeply saddened when he yelled at me in the morning at school. He yelled at me about some comments criticizing religion that slipped out in the past and I was deeply sorry. I thought he forgave me for those past comments and tried to tell him that I never said anything since the last comment but he won't believe me. He then started accusing me of thinking that religious people are idiots. He is wrong, I do not think this, I never did at all. We watched horror movies for fun and there were parts of torturing innocent people and what not. Me and him both know we watch it and know it's wrong. I obviously know it's wrong and don't like to watch it for entertainment. Yet, being the paranoid OCD, overreacting guy he is. He's accusing me of liking and even condoning murder, torture, rape, ect. I never condoned these things and never will. He also accuses people who don't believe in "God" to be "bad people." He now says he wants me to become a "good Christian" and stay that way just to prove the truth to him. I'm openly LaVeyan Satanist which as you know, is an athiestic, theatrical non religion that does not condone murder or torture in any shape or form. Many of these people are good people who live happy, virtuous lives being good people.

    I feel as if he's almost forcing me to change my personality just to prove to him I can be a "good person." He needs to realize that everyone's different and if he can't accept that, it's his loss. He also accuses me, along with the bully and her boyfriend and a few others I don't know, of looking scary. I ask you, since when does wearing black make you look scary???? I have asked around a good amount of my friends to be honest with me if they thought I looked "scary." Guess what their answer was. "No." It took him 1 semester and 1 month to go from friend to rival. Now I have him constantly judging me of being "immature" and I'm mother f**king sick of it!! Now the only people I can be open with are some of my friends and my gf (mommy).

    I feel trapped because of this, I feel like a prisoner to society. I feel like it's no longer safe to be myself anymore. I feel like I'm part of some giant witch hunt and I'm the witch. It's like the Salem Witch Trials all over again. I have to hide and pretend to be someone I'm not just to please society. I'm on my knees, and I need some of you to give me some helpful advice to what I should do because I feel lost and confused. If I changed and converted, I'd only be making others happy while leaving myself miserable. I'm happy the way I am and don't plan on changing anytime soon. I want to make people happy while also keeping myself happy, I mean, there's no sense making others happy if you don't feel happy yourself, right? Everyone is different, so what?? it shouldn't matter, it's like the Civil Rights Movement all over again. So I ask you for any helpful advice you can give me.

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    Wow, that is tough. All I have to say is, this 'friend' sounds like some friends I had back in school. They are not worth your time, effort, or even thoughts. I know it must be hard to just walk away from that friendship, but if he's the kind of person who would do that, then he is NOT your friend. There are plenty of non-judgmental and decent people out there in the world, it's just a matter of finding them.

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    a friend that acts like that doesnt really deserve your friendship.

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    that is not a real friend then, im athiest and homosexual, the two most hated groups.. I take the shit all the time, I know how it feels...

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    I also forgot to mention he sticks his nose in me and mommy's relationship and telling her to break up with me but mommy's been able to resist and not take his advice cause he's still her friend but I try to convince her though his intentions are good, he's misguided. He's protecting mommy from a false threat, he think I'm going to kill or beat someone up or try something perverted with mommy. I mean, he's so paranoid and overreacting it's not even funny.

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    wow. so he's trying to change your personality, telling you what to believe, criticizing pretty much everything about you, and interfering in your relationship with your girlfriend? i'd say he sounds like a sick manipulative freak and you should stay as far away from him as possible.

    if he wants to be your friend he needs to clean up his act, stop trying to slander your reputation, and accept you for who you are. if he can't do that you should tell him flat out that you don't want anything to do with him.

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    I have but one word to decribe this "friend gone rival".


    Seriously, If I were you, I'd severe ties with him entirely. If he is going to be that crazy, then to hell with him. As others have said, there are better people out there, who will truly be a friend to you. Cause friends don't do that stuff..

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    Just because of a sensitive joke I made that I'm sorry for but the "friend" won't believe me, he continues to judge me and wants me to prove I'm not lying and he continues to pull my gf away from me.

    Edit: mommy's unsure of what to do but should she sever all ties, as well??
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    Ouch, sounds like a tough situation. That person is a bit of a jerk though, so I would tell him to clean up his act or go away.

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    Years from now, he's going to look back on this and feel really bad.

    People go through phases, and at points it makes them complete jerks. Not sure what to tell you other than it will end, and you will survive it.

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