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Thread: How do you feel about your birthday?

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    Default How do you feel about your birthday?

    What do you personally think of it and how does it usually go?

    I was just wondering because mine was an hour ago and I usually hate them. Not only does it mean getting older and having to grow up (when I personally think I missed out on a lot of childhood in the first place for various reasons) but nobody really cares much. And my birthdays end up having some rather depressing things happen to me, for about 3 years in particular.

    Anyway yeah, this is a little bit of a pity party but I wanted some other viewpoints.

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    well happy birthday i guess my birthdays go well but there just not the same with out my grandfather anymore god bless that

    mans soul. and well its just i dont have anything depressing that happenes on m birthday. i do try and make my older step

    brothers birthdays better because his mom doesnt care for him and neither does my dad.

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    I'm 29, and as such my birthday is more or less just another day. So I guess my answer is "meh".

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    I started to learn that the older you get, the less your birthday seems exciting. I have my 25th birthday coming up in June and its kind of getting to the "meh" stage ^^;.

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    I love all of my Birthdays. There has not been a day where my Birthday has been taken for granted, and it has been cast aside like another day.

    My Birthday is something I look forward too - not because of the gifts - but because it's another milestone in my life that says: "I made it to <age>. Life hasn't beaten me yet."

    As I'm older, that may or may not change, depending who is still in my life; who has walked out, or who has walked in.

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    (—)' for me it's a mile stone that states I am… now 18… 19… 20…, I still get ause/got abused recently for the same reasons as it happened in childhood, things still haven't improved much and so forth my lfie feels ridiculous.
    While on oneside i've got ammazing memories these memories don't get all that much better just because.
    To be really frank… People are makign my lfie unnecisarilly hard over the past phew years. I don't get it made any easier where I have difficulties to the point that I’m less able to fufill my potential. more and more support keeps on being dried up by morons really at this rate hmm don't need it anymore made very small amount of progress… then instead of progressing step by step the only progress is in degeneration to the previous troubles.
    that pretty much describes it actually, up-down up-down up-down.
    birthday I get a phew presents and then the birthday feels like it is alot about everyone else.
    Things suppsoedly centered around me seam to often be centered around what other people want instead which I’m increasingly starting to disdain. hmm though the presents are about me… I’ve never really appriciated them I think.

    I don't seam to have much good to associate with my birthdays.
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    Birthdays (mine) don't really mean much to me, it's just another day.

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    I sorta like having a special day....
    ...But I don't like how that number keeps going up. x_x
    Mixed feelings, basically.

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    I never used to care about my birthday. I wouldn't bother mentioning it to people. When I was a kid I loved it, and my parents would throw me a small party for it. I definitely loved the 16th, as I could then get my drivers license (got it the next day). 18 was awesome because I became a legal adult. 21 kinda sucked actually, as everyone bailed out instead of taking me out to the bar like they were going to. Aside from the few milestone birthdays though, I didn't actually care.

    My birthday is around Thanksgiving. In October of 2007 (so I was 25), I got into my accident. I am a cyclist, and I got hit by an SUV that ran a red light at 40 mph. I got thrown across two lanes of traffic into another SUV that was stopped. My leg was smashed into 8 pieces and I very nearly lost it entirely, and had I not been wearing a helmet, I'd probably be dead, as my helmet was smashed into pieces.

    After I survived that, I gave a shit about my 26th birthday! I still refer to that one as the best I've had so far, as I was still alive to celebrate it. Now, you damn right I celebrate my birthday! I'm 29 and I've already seen and dealt with my own mortality, so yes, I celebrate my birthdays now.

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