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Thread: What if you were offered this

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    Lightbulb What if you were offered this

    What if you were offered a magical diaper, that never needed to be changed as all piss and crap was annihilated on contact to the diaper..........but you could never wear any underwear or use the toilet again.If you try to go commando, it would appear on you as soon as you tried to pee or crap or when you pull down your pants to use the toilet.You wouldn't be able to take it off if you were trying to use the toilet.It would be more comfortable than any diaper you ever worn before.They would appear as underwear to people if them showing got in the way of your life(like your boss) but not to people who that it didn't matter(including a random person or closed minded friend).

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    Just how exactly would you clean that part of your body then, or ever have kids, or even just go to the nudist beach if the diaper reappears the second you try to take it off?

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    yea what peachy said Id go with no because there are so many things you couldnt do

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    I enjoy the feeling of using it, so definitely no if everything just disappeared on contact.

    However, even if I were offered the same choice but with a diaper that fit my criteria for something fun to wear, I would still say no. The reason being that my enjoyment of wearing diapers is just a fetish, not a central part of my life. Anything that would make it irreversibly a large part of my life would definitely be out of the question.

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    In the interest of fantasy, I would have to say yes WITH some exceptions. 1 - the diaper has some sort of flushing function, you could press a magic button then all the waste in the diaper would vanish and it would be like having a fresh new diaper. 2 - you could stick genitalia out when it became the necessary moment. 3 - you could take it off, but only for baths, but as soon as you got dry, it would magically put itself back on.

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    I would hate it. Why? Because you can't always be diapered. There are times for wearing diapers and there are times when you just really don't need it and it's unnecessary. (which is most of the time for me anyways) Besides, a diaper that would bind to you like that is just weird. I would get seriously annoyed of having a diaper constantly 'reappear' and never come off me, and never be used up. It would probably smell a lot too after it gets used up too much which can be a very big problem.

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    For me is that it would take all the fun out of using the diaper and then getting changed into a fresh one.

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    Interesting fantasy. So it's a diaper, but it only looks like one to the people that you trust with your fetish. It works like a diaper but without the need to clean or change it.

    As fantasies go, they aren't realistic. But fun!

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    It would clean itself and you could tale it off for sex and it wouldn't appear on you if you didn't go in the ocean or try to use the toilet.

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    It would come off but not for you to use the toilet

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    I would definitely say no. I much prefer having control of when and where I wear diapers, plus there is something nice about changing out of a wet diaper and into a clean, fresh one that would be lost if your diaper stayed on forever. I also think that if I had to wear a diaper all of the time then the enjoyment of wearing would wear off, and if I could not take it off or control when I was wearing the opposite could happen and I could come to hate it.

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