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Thread: probably asked a billion times.

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    Default probably asked a billion times.

    I'm probably the worst diaper lover out there lol. Eventually I will get around to buying them in the store. Kinda hard in my situation. Kinda even hard getting samples. I said I wouldn't get any more samples for a while but I have no diapers right now and its killing me.
    Since I've found out i was a DL I have never wore a real diaper. I've only wore pullups - Depends,Goodnites, Underjams,etc.

    My question is...What is the best diaper (not pullup) that I can get a sample for?? thanks

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    Oh, shush! Lol there's no such thing as "the worse diaper lover" when I was your age, I used to go to Rite Aid and open packages of diapers and steal some. Yeah I know it was really bad of me, but I was just as desperate as you were and way too nervous to buy them.

    If you want to try a "real" diaper, why don't you try Depends Maximum Protection - they have the same basic properties of any "real" diaper you could get online, just not as absorbent, cute, thick, or whatever. I would suggest taking baby steps when moving up in diaper caliber just for the sake of enjoying the smaller things in life. You can't give depends a fair judgement unless you experience them as a good diaper in your opinion and then give them a bad judgement when you try something like Bambinos.

    You can get sample packs of just about any really good diaper out there over the internet, they're not free, and not exactly cheap when it comes to cost per diaper either, but if gives you a good feel for what size you might need or what brand you want.

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    You know anything about Tena and attends? Are they good?

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    Those would be better but harder to get

    I would stay away from any brand of pull ups even tena if your looking for a good diaper

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    If you're looking for a "real diaper" depends fitted is the best you can do from a store. And I definitely agree with what Abdljosh said, enjoy the store stuff for a while. Even though store diapers aren't near as "good" as diapers you can order online, they definitely have a lot of advantages.

    Being thinner, less absorbant, readily obtainable, and cheap makes them perfect for short wearing sessions. Unless you live by yourself or with people who know about/don't mind your wearing, you probably won't be able to wear for more than a few hours at a time without risking someone finding out. Unless you enjoy sitting in your room for 8 hours waiting to actually get full use out of your $2 dry 24/7 so as to not feel like you're wasting money.

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