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Thread: Disney Fairies bed set

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    Default Disney Fairies bed set

    Couldn't resist I spent some of my tax refund money on an adorable Disney Fairies comforter and sheet set.

    Also posted some pictures of the new goodnites packing for fun too.

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    Cute! I'm always getting new blankets and bed sets. I had to make myself stop because I don't have anywhere to keep them all.

    I actually disliked Tinkerbell until I got to see the new movie all about her. Now I think she's OK.

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    Yeah I am not a huge fan of Tinkerbell but the other fairies were super cute. I almost got the princess set but they didn't have one with Ariel on it.

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    I am so jealous of you, I would give anything to beable to have those. I love the disney faries espicaly Tink and Fawn. saddly though I live with my dad who doen't know I am a sissy or love diapers.

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    Cute ^^

    I used to bye children's styled sets for my bed, but last year I switched my bed for a King Size and I can't find children styled bedding in this size anywhere

    as a consequence now I'm stuck with boring adult bedding. oh, well...

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    Yeah kids stuff for bigger beds is hard to get. I have a queen size fortunately the full size sheets fit with a little bit of pressure. Guess I will just have to never get a King

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    Cute! =) I have seen plenty of cute bed set and always want to have one of them, but my bed is queen sized so it'll be hard to find. Needlessly to say, my fiancee would never agree with that kind bed set anyway. =P

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    Does anyone know where to get cartoon sheets in bigger sizes? I'd love to gave some twin XL sized toy story sheets or something.

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    I would love a Care Bear comforter. As for my I may have to end up sleeping on the couch if I pull that, but then I guess I could take the comforter with me...hey this could work! :P

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