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Thread: Why wouldn't I?

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    Default Why wouldn't I?

    so I google diapers to buy and I find a heap of people with the same fetish? Oh lawd, so so tempting! I like boys and girls and I like diapers but I sort of am interested in being a mommy as well as being babied. That's about it...haha, let the games begin!

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    Hiya there, sunshine! Welcome do ADISC!

    I direct you to the above link. Please try and follow its example and create an intro that tell us a bit more about you!

    Also note that this site is meant to be PG-13, with little to no sexual content.

    Enjoy your stay,

    ~Mikey, one-seventeen

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    Hey Sunshine! Im looking for a mommy! Want to be mine?

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    Got it, mikey and for sure will. Thanks!

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    Games? Hmmm well I am not so sure you are at the right place; I hope you are, mind you. Adisc is all about comfort ancd solace, helping one another embrace diaper-wearing, making you feel happy about buying, wearing disposing of and generally making each other happier in life; this is the place for emotional support, informational support, instruction... But we don't go as far as kink games. We are not diaperspace (dating, meetups) Rupadded,, or Daily Diapers; all those other places co-exist with us, and are much broader at offering a full-rounded diaper experience, with online mommying and other roleplaying, and mixing in more fetishistic aspects; we don't compete with them, nor they us: we complement each other.

    Many recreationally diapered people wake up at a tender age bemused and confounded with this "side" of themselves; it happened to me very young; and I could have really used a place like this to help me get used to the whole idea that I was not alone in my tendencies, that I was "normal" aside from them, that they offered a way to enhance my life, make it more fun, and not be a shameful secret, one I couldn't share or enjoy outside closed doors.

    But the point of a support site is to see its members move beyond their main need being support; I think we may be comparable to an outfit like Alcoholics Anonymous, except that their issue is a problem and the issue on here is one to cherish and embrace (it's not going away, anyhow.) AA helps people recognize them selves, offers self-realization; so do we. They help you through quitting, we help you through being happy wearing; and they keep their members around to support the next generation through their difficult times; we stay around each other for having become friends, to help the next round of tbdl's through their uncertainties.

    Many of us graduate to being happy functional padded people who simply want to get on with the serious business of being well and truly and comfortably padded, and many of them find a wider, adult approach on offer at the over 18 places.

    I am glad to have you aboard; now you can explore our site as well as all those others, and decide which among them will offer whatever it is you seek; how can we be of help? Don't forget you can be in multiple places at once on the internet: I am.

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    I totally understand, everyone, and thanks but I don't think I need to be reproached, I just fully except myself and was excited at the time. I'm really not a sexual person.

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