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Thread: Does anyone else have this problem

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    Default Does anyone else have this problem

    When I'm wearing a diaper I can't pee on the butt of it.I like wanna use my diaper to it's fullest potential so it can last long but I can't pee on the butt part while it's on me.I can't mess everytime too.Do you ever have this problem

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    Well especially if you're a guy, you're delivering the urine to the front of the diaper so that's not surprising. When standing or sitting you'll mainly wet the front and then the middle of the diaper.

    If you want to wet the back of the diaper, just make sure you're aimed down, and lay down on your back, like in bed. Be careful not to flood when in that position unless you have the cuffs taped very tight. It takes awhile for the liquid to wick under your body into the padding you're laying on, and if the cuffs aren't on tight at the time, it'll run right out left and right behind your butt cheeks.

    Gals would tend to wet the middle of the diaper sooner, and don't have to worry about aim, but still will have better luck wetting the back of the diaper while laying on their backs.

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