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    Is it just me or does the term diaper lover creep anybody else out. I do not wrap my arms around a diaper and makeout, I dont intend on marrying and spending the rest of my life with one, (although we do have the occasional one night stands) haha. I dunno its just dont make sense why this creeps me out and I hate this term so bad. My only lover is my wife. I love dogs and enjoy spending time with my boxer, but it is not my lover, I enjoy music and alot of other stuff which makes this weird. Dont bother me a bit to say im a music lover or a dog lover, but I hate to say im a diaper lover. And though I have my occasional problems, I ve accepted myself, this isnt the problem. My wife knows my craze for diapers but I want even say to her im a diaper lover. I will shut up now, probably not making anysense, just had to throw this out here cause it drives me crazy. I would rather say anything else, diaper liker, diaper wearer, just cant stand diaper lover.

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    Totally figured that eventually one day we'd pull an opressed peoples thing and euphamise ourselves a new title. And of course, once is never enough. You give it a shot, pretty soon you're hooked and then you're changing it every six months. Not even sure what the politically correct term for Native Americans and handicapped people are anymore. Probably should have said Aboriginal and challenged folk. Who knows? But yeah, diaper lover? Already slightly creepy thing going on? Should probably switch it up. Diaper Enthusiast. There ya go.

    Aw beans, that's kinda weird too? Just what kind of sicko is enthused by diapers anyways? Besides, I'm seeing some serious evolution of our culutre as a whole, certainly past a stage that could be summed up with such a course word as enthusiasm. Perhaps, Protective Under-Garment Admirer. Too political. People of the Pad? Cultish. Darn. We should probably call for a meeting.

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    I agree that it isn't the best term for us.

    That said I would rather be called a diaper lover than a diaper fetishist because that sounds really weird to an outsider.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slang View Post
    We should probably call for a meeting.
    Yeah we probably should.

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    It also kinda creeps me out too... I don't know what it is about that term, but I just don't like it. If I would have to confess about this side of me, I would probably say "I like to wear diapers" or something similar.

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    Kinda makes a guy wonder who came up with the term originally. How long have people called themselves diaper lovers? What did they call themselves before that? How long were they around before they were calling themselves anything at all? Someone call Scooby Doo, cause we have ourselves some mysteries~!

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    yeah i am also not big on the term Diaper Lover, What about Diaper Liker! that way its still DL but not a I wanna make love to my diaper....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi_Sin View Post
    What about Diaper Liker!
    Haha! I also don't really like the term diaper lover. The same way I don't really like calling this a 'fetish', or how wearing any girly stuff means you are a 'Sissies'. I think these are probably old-school terms borrowed from the S&M crowd pre-internet. Unfortunately I fear the lables are here to stay, at least for the time being. A few abdl's I know refer to what we do as our 'hobby', and actual playtime is 'Chilling out'. Still not the best though.

    It's a hard balance though... How do you say 'Person that likes to play around in diapers?' without it sounding weird? Maybe we could all just be 'really, really slow learners'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by squashNstretch View Post
    It's a hard balance though... How do you say 'Person that likes to play around in diapers?' without it sounding weird? Maybe we could all just be 'really, really slow learners'?
    I'm not sure that you can say it, or imply it, without sounding creepy or weird, because at the end of the day, it is weird. All fetishes are. That doesn't make them wrong in any way, but our mutual interest in nappies is, by mainstreams standards, quite odd, and in all probability will still be regarded as an unusual niche interest no matter how accepting society becomes. Diaper Lover has the advantage of being a fairly pithy and reasonably accurate term. But then I'm no more a fan of euphemisms than Slang. The most clinically accurate term would probably be Diaper Paraphilliac, but even that doesn't work, since this isn't sexual for everyone.

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    The thing is that the term "diaper lover" is actually a pretty good fit for the grouping the community accepts to be diaper lovers. Most DLs are sexual DLs but not all, and the term "lover" refers in its main definitions to one who loves another sexually while having secondary definitions that imply an unusually strong non-sexual liking. It's thus hard to figure out what simple term you'd replace it with which would be as accurate while being general to all DLs.

    Perhaps there should be multiple terms for sexual and non-sexual DLs, which would allow for different phrasing. The problem here is that you split an already narrow grouping to two grouping that don't vary all that much in practice and at least one of the groups would be so small that there's benefit to keeping them in a larger group.

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