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Thread: An experience for the ages!

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    Default An experience for the ages!

    Alright, so tonight's been a fun night!

    First, I've drank about three times more tonight than I normally drink in about a week. So, if I've made a typo or seem as if I'm rambling, call me on it in the morning and blame the beer.

    Second, and the reason that I'm making this post, is I've just had a night that is honestly the stuff of fiction and possibly the dream of so many ABDLs.

    To start, as I've mentioned numerous times on these boards, Mr. X is a 24/7-wearing DL, and was one of the first on the internets to post pictures, back in the bad old days of dial-up.

    Because of that, he's met all sorts of interesting ABDL types from all over (as have I, but not as many as he has...), including a friend from Australia that's in the US on assignment from his company. So, we're having him over for the night, and we had intended for another ABDL friend in the area to join us for dinner. Well, he had other plans, so he dropped by for about 30 minutes as he as he made his way to his event.

    During dinner, we got in touch with another ABDL friend across the border (Detroit/Windsor) from us, and he opted to come out for the night and hang out. A few beer later, and he's decided that he shouldn't drive tonight and should crash here and continue on in the morning.

    So, right now, asleep in my house are my 24/7-wearing DL boyfriend (who I'll be joining when I'm tired enough for bed) and two ABDL boys in our spare bedroom. And here I am, sitting in the living room, several beer in, but not tired enough to go to bed yet, and sitting on the internets, posting the stories of my life, which are probably not of interest to many, and I might hesitate to post if I were only seeing one of reality instead of the alcohol-induced double I'm seeing now.

    So yeah, this post might seem like an alcohol-induced rambling mass of font, but I promise, I'm posting for what seems like a reason. I've said before on here that I'm here to offer insights on "the other side", that space and time where one has come out of the ABDL closet and has started to make ABDL friends and has moved on past the whole trying to hide for dear-life thing. This post is part of that, me trying to provide insight into the "other side," that space where an ABDL has moved on past the fear of being discovered and has not only moved on but found friends of sufficient quality to have social opportunities with them.

    So again, if this seems like a drunken ramble, I apologize. I am presently thinking this is one of those moments worth sharing...

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    Hehe... thanks for sharing. I admire your ability to be so "out" about it. Sometimes it bugs me that I feel that I have to hide such a huge part of me from people I love, like my children.

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    Sounds amazing, man. Those are the moments to truly cherish. They are all too often far and few in between.

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    You're really lucky to have the chance to meet other AB/DLs in real life. Those could be the best moments that an AB/DL can have.

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    Sounds pretty fun If all goes well I'll meet my lil bro this summer/winter/both

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    Quote Originally Posted by dprdude92 View Post
    Sounds pretty fun If all goes well I'll meet my lil bro this summer/winter/both
    I hope it does work out, and I hope it's brilliant when it does!

    And yeah, having friends that are ABDLs that I can call up and say, "Hey, what are you up to? Let's hang out," is so awesome! The thing is that we're genuinely friends, too, not just acquaintances that share the ABDL thing. We can hang out and have a good time with non-ABDL types as well as with fellow ABDLs. Last night really was brilliant, though, almost an impromptu mini-party. It was super awesome!

    Like I said before, I hope I was able to give something of interest to everyone, not just come off like a braggart.

    And, I wasn't hung over this morning, believe it or not!

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    I think it's awesome that you have found others you can share this side of your life with. It was definitely worth sharing!

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