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    Hi i am steve a 27 year old tiger that lives in upstate NY. Sorry this taking so long to post having 2 jobs is very hard. I really dont have hobbies working takes up most of my time. I dont go nowere to have fun these days sad to say. I very lucky to be alive and on this site

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    YAY another Upstate New Yorker!!!!

    welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy your time here

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    Don't be afraid to post. Unless you're posting at work, in which case, be very afraid!

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    Just wish i can go somewhere nice feel so traped

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    I work to much can't go nowere. I live in watertown NY friend. Also do you need any diaper I have like over a 1000 of them

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    Wow thats really Upstate. so did you guys get any of the snow we were supposedly supposed to get? We got nothing here in WNY. least not yet.

    And lucky you. nice diaper stash. What kinda brands to you have? I just have like 1/4 a case of bambinos left. Also why so many? are you incon? or do you just like to always have a lot on hand?

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    When I get sad I go out and buy diaper. For 9 months I had no friends and diaper helped with that. 10 package of depends. 2 boxs of the sam clue brand. 4 packages of Tranquility ATN. 2 big package of the wallgreens brand. 1 package of attends

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    Welcome and Tiger and sorry that things are tough on you right now. I work two jobs and when I get home, I put my wife on a dialysis machine, so I know what being tired is. I make time for writing, and get out on my bike. Fortunately for me, I teach in a school, so I have my summer off from the day job. That helps preserve my sanity. I hope things improve for you.

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