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Thread: Anyone else like skintight garments?

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    Default Anyone else like skintight garments?

    Does anyone else like skintight garments like leotards, speedos, or one-piece swimsuits?

    I'm a guy and love wearing them. Maybe its because of the tight feeling 'down there'. Any other ABDLs like it too?

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    Oh god yes! I love lycra and spandex, and I love leotards and other garments that are form-fitting! There's a certain feeling that comes from the compression, one that I can't really articulate, that just makes it all feel right and amazing! This is true with or without a diaper, too.

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    I love wearing my leotard with my tights and ballet shoes

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    I've gotten into the habit of wearing an Abena bodystocking over my nappy, which are made of a cotten/lycra mix, and the feeling is quite interesting. Still, if you really want compression, try the squeeze you get from a membrane drysuit, once the external water pressure overwhelms the internal air pressure - that's tight!

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    i have a mix of feelings on the subject. Since im out of shape, i stay away from anything form fitting. It just doesnt look good on me. But it used to be a guilty pleasure of mine when i was in shape to wear skin tight cloths. It wasnt helped either that when i played ruby skin tight jerseys had just come into fashion. never felt more awesome than i did when i was sixteen or so and wearing that skin tight jersey. showing my muscles off..... yeah you got me im vain as hell :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by aff20 View Post
    Does anyone else like skintight garments like leotards, speedos, or one-piece swimsuits?
    Yep, that would be me. I love the combination of diapers, skintight clothing and women's clothing. Example outfits:

    (1) diaper, plastic pants, wool tights and leotard under my business suit.

    (2) pull-up, wool tights and leotard under bermudas and with a low-cut women's T-shirt.

    (3) I go running in a leotard and leggings.

    Amongst the clothes I love wearing are foundation garments. They're so amazingly comfortable. The other day I wore a Rago 9071 for a whole day (with small silicon breast forms) and didn't feel constricted at all but enjoyed the all-around support.

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