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    I recently found something that kind of blew my mind, in the list of citations on Wikipedia of all places - I was anticipating that something like this was the case regarding mentions of homosexuality in the Bible, but I wasn't sure. Check this article out - it explains the original, true meanings of the Greek words which were "modernly" interpreted to condemn homosexuality.

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    I'm a Christian, and all the time I hear that the Bible is the absolute word of God; inarguable, definite, and final. There's been a bunch of translations, but then there's the argument that each one of them was blessed or something, and that the real meaning is still there. Figure that even if that's true, one major thing the church (all of them as far as I've seen) fail to recognize that human interpretation is flawed. Seriously, totally, and grotesquely flawed sometimes. That's why the best book ever written (Harry Potter fills in most of the rest of the top ten I've heard) has been transformed into a weapon counter-productive to what seems to be it's own primary message. So we have church, Bible studies, youth group, Sunday school and whatever else to help us understand what it might really mean. Problem is that sometimes, we just adopt our parents or friends or pastor's interpretation as our own, and that can be all sorts of wrong.

    To me, the Bible tells us to live a life of love, kindness, compassion and patience. We were created by God, we screwed up whenever ago (I don't care when the world was made, but I have a feeling mot Christians get it wrong), and some time later God sent Jesus to die for our sins cause he loved us that much. So in believing and acknowledging this sacrifice, we wouldn't be condemned to the death brought on by sin; an eternal separation. Sin is pretty much anything stemming from selfishness, where as the Christlike stuff puts God and others first.

    My older brother, somewhre between science semi-geniues and believer, once said he thought that Jesus' message was qute simple, and we just look into it way too much. I kinda agree, and that bit above pretty much sums up my thoughts on stuff. Could I be wrong? Totally. I haven't even read the whole Bible. But there is one part where it talks about knowing what's what by the fruit of folks' works or something. I see some churchs, some Christians, and I wonder what makes them any different from the sin they condemn. They are machines of hate as much as anything else. Seen this in myself lots too. I've seen people committed to selfless lives of love too, and I've seen them overcome huge obstacles and accomplish incredible things. I call that God, other people call it whatever they want, but I figure a life of love, always putting others first is the best way to go. I'd like to focus more on that than arguing over our twisted, backwards interpretation of what God's rule list might be, like it was the defining concept of our faith.

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    I was once, like most others, absolutely sure the Bible condemned homosexuality. As sure about that as I am about the resurrection.

    In time though...that began to stand out as something that conflicted with the rest of my studies. It didn't "mesh." And sure enough, as I went back and really studied those passages...most of them turned out to be the simple fact that I was reading them out of context. Taking them alone without regard to anything else. In one case there was even a mistranslation from the original Greek. Plenty of cases like what you mentioned - a close, but not exact translation from Greek and an issue of modern vs ancient understanding.

    And as much as I tried to think sites like that must obviously be biased, or deliberately attempting to twist the word to fit their own goals - they actually make a case. A very strong one, relying on Biblical context and exegetical knowledge. On top of that - they generally matched up with my own studies. Far better than any of the anti-homosexual emotion-ridden rants I've seen on mainstream Christian websites.

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    Even before I had read the bible myself, I had decided the people "preaching" about how abhorrent homosexuality was to god were consistently doing things far worse than you could consider homosexuality if you were one of those that considered it a bad thing. Quite frankly, if god wants to condemn people for their mutual sexual preferences, that just makes him an asshole in my book, so I don't really care.

    Of course I think the book of Job is basically a PR nightmare for god, but people still have sermons based on that as if it's supposed to be inspiring somehow.

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