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    Default Pizza

    Okay, three questions.
    1. Best pizza you've ever eaten, where was it?
    2. What's the best 'style' of pizza?
    3. What makes your type the best.

    Happy Posting! =]

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    Ima start.
    Best pizza I've ever eaten was in Gino's East in Chicago.
    Chicago Deep Dish is the best pizza because:
    -It's WAY more filling than other pizza, maybe because of all the fillings?
    -It feels like you're actually eating something. When you bite into other pizza you might get a 'crunch.' Lame. When you bite into a deep-dish slice, you get an ooey-gooey chunk of awesomeness. SO much better!
    -It's from chicago! =p

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    Complete opposite here!

    I like pizza with a thin, crispy crust... lots of tomato sauce, but sparse toppings and just a light dusting of cheese (if you can't see the tomato sauce through the cheese.. too much). Topping wise I generally like genoa sausage, pineapple, bacon, and some roasted garlic.

    Round here (and most places), no one makes it like that... at least not well. Best pizza I ever had was in Sweden (they have really good pizza in general... never would have guessed). I am fairly good at making it myself. I make the dough myself (using a breadmaker) and the tomato sauce myself.. then I lay it out on a pizza stone and cook it on my charcoal BBQ, which comes pretty damn close to that "brick oven" flavour.

    As to why I think this is the best... dunno. I used to like lots of cheese and toppings when I was younger, then one day I didn't!

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    1. The best I've ever eaten was on a road trip to LA, at a small place called the Pizza Kiln in Moreno Valley, CA.
    2. Not really sure.... but I guess I would say Brooklyn style
    3. I love a thick crust, with a minimal amount of sauce, a Sh*t load of cheese with peperoni, sausage and pineapple.

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    1. Cecil Whittaker's Pizzeria - a small chain in the St Louis area.
    2. St. Louis style - thin crust.
    3. It's all about the toppings.

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    pepperoni ...
    for me its smood and crunch with a good tomato sauce, and abundance cheese.
    better taste, great enjoy.

    um dunno what more say but was a uncommon pizza that i like it so much, was made for a family that sell it in a small location but easy to come easy gone ...

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    So, lots of people like pineapple?
    I'm more of a purist: Pepperoni, Sausage, (1 big patty), cheese, sauce, vegetables. NOTHING ELSE.
    I don't really like to mix sweet and savory, which could explain why I don't like green peppers, either...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Col View Post
    So, lots of people like pineapple?
    I'm more of a purist: Pepperoni, Sausage, (1 big patty), cheese, sauce, vegetables. NOTHING ELSE.
    I don't really like to mix sweet and savory, which could explain why I don't like green peppers, either...
    I don't get the pineapple thing either.
    For me the only toppings I ever order are meats(sausage, bacon, and hamburger) and peppers(green, banana, and jalapeno).

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    The best pizza I have had was on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights, New Jersey. It was a little stand on the south end of the boardwalk. I think in part it was because of the company I was with, either my roomie from college or my parents' newspaper boy, my best friend for a while. Then there was the ocean, being in the sun and salt water all morning, walking up to the boardwalk and having fun.

    In Lynchurg we have a great Italian restaurant down the street that sells New York style pizza, thin, hand tossed crust, great sauce and cheese. It's a close as I can come to being back on my beach, salt air, sun, and best friends.

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    I know and dig the place DB speaks of (Monte Carlo) - but I prefer this little place run by a bunch of Mexicans (and they used to have this old Chinese guy delivering for them, but he retired) down the street from me (Mario's on Bedford Ave) - they make killer NY style, and they do some white pizzas that are just out of this world.

    That said, there's a brick oven place just a bit further, but still within walking distance (Rivermont Ave Pizza, used to be the basement of Trotter's) that does real hardcore traditional Italian pies in a wood-fired brick oven that just rock my socks.

    As to Chicago-style - man, when I sit down to eat pizza, I don't want to be full on one slice. That's what I can't stand about Chicago deep-dish.

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    I might be a bit biased here, but the absolute best pizza is the Detroit style pizza. Jet's is one of the best around here, too, or Vinnies, if you're lucky enough to be ordering pizza in Romulus (or if you were lucky enough to live in Westland or Garden City when they had their second store there, like I was!)

    Imagine, a square pizza, with a thicker crust, baked so that the edges are crispy, like a thin-crust, but the toppings and thickness are like a deep-dish. Plenty of toppings, sauce, and crust-That's the Detroit style pizza.

    And it's fucking AMAZING! I've eaten Chicago Pizza in Chicago (Mr. X is from Chicago), and although it's good, I'd rather have a good square deep-dish from Jet's Pizza or Vinnie's any day over the best Chicago has to offer. Why? Detroit Style Pizza is just plain BETTER!

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