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Thread: Help with absorbancy rating conversions!

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    Default Help with absorbancy rating conversions!

    I love XP Medical, because they list the absorbancy in fl. oz. This I can relate to, unlike the "drops" and "bears" rating used by Bambino and ABU, respectively. Is there anywhere that states the range in oz. or mL, or whatever for these two companies? Thanks!

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    IMHO the rating systems are ONLY useful to compare absorbency between different products on the same site. Besides there not being a standard amount OR standard testing methods, there are a lot of other factors that go into "how much it can hold". Some diapers have to be taped very tight not to leak, others acquire very fast and can be worn much looser. Some diapers can be safely flooded, others not. Different brands concentrate their padding in different places, meaning padding that you use may not get used nearly as much by someone else, leading to a lower capacity. Some disposables are better at containing a side wetting than others. Diaper sizes are also not standard or equal across brands and so if you're "between sizes" for one brand you may have more problems with leaking than someone else with the same brand.

    There's just way too many variables, and from what I've read of places that actually quote specific ML capacity, they're giving "absolute ideal condition" numbers that are basically worthless. (submerge the diaper, pull out, ring out lightly, and weigh?) Even to just make sure to fully use the front and back of the padding, without leaking, requires attention to what you're doing and changing positions between wetting, which can ruin the experience. And taking it to the limit always risks a leak. I consider my diaper fully used if I get up in the morning with 75% of my padding wet. That said, I drink 1L or maybe a little more than that just before bed, and wet when I wake up with urge, just enough to take the pressure off, so I can experience many wettings a night with low risk.

    So if you're going for high capacity, your best bet is just to get a small number of several quality brands and see what works best for you. Abena M4, Bambino, Dry247, Tena Max, Depend Max. You need to try a diaper more than once to evaluate it. It'd be nice if there were a way to get a 4 piece sampler for those 5 brands. (20 diapers total) Sizing the sampler diapers would be tricky because different diapers size differently. M4's are between bambino med/large for example.

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    Thanks for your reply Bambinod. I do realize there are lots of variables. I was just seeing if anybody had done tests similar to how XP Med. does them, or at leas a standardized test to get an approximate ration of the various rating systems. XP Meds system is great, because it is un-biased, ie they are not testing their own brand, so they don't fudge the numbers at all.

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