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    Hey everyone!

    I'm sure a lot of people know Chatroulette, the platform where you can meet people around the world and cam / chat with them.
    Who of you showed up in diapers there?
    What do you think would happen if many of us would do this (as a kind of a flashmob)? Would it increase or decrease the tolerance rate?

    And for those of you who would like to chatroulette with *B/DLs should show up in [removed] . I recently got to know about this platform. I also think, that this would be a nice place to chat and cam with others from this scene Unfortunally this Site isn't being used as much. So I hope it's okay to post this on here


    P.S.: Please mind that my English might be crap. I am from Germany and it's really late now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben View Post
    Horrible horrible creepy thing to do.
    I would have to agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersam1223 View Post
    I would have to agree.
    And I, too, agree with his agreement.

    If we were to do that, whilst lulz would ensue, a certain chan site would probably start raging and flash mob US. Not fun.

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    It is always important to remember to stay safe on the internet, and although talking with people on the internet is anonymous, as soon as you identify yourself over webcam that anonymity is lost. On a website like chat roulette it may not matter if you are identified, but on a very obvious AB/DL site it certainly could put your privacy at jeopardy. I don't think that it is a good idea for anybody to live webcam with strangers, especially on a site called DiaperWedbcamChat. I would not want my face on such a site - I wouldn't want a troll to take a screenshot of my face, with the nice 'DiaperCamChat' background, and have it posted on the internet for all to see. As a scenario it is unlikely, but certainly possible.

    The site sounds like the sort of site that, if it gained popularity, would become the perfect place for exhibitionists and those into voyeurism to hang out. Chatroulette is pretty much dominated by penises, and I imagine a site like this would have the potential to turn into a load of people sitting with their webcams pointed at their diapered crotches. I can't see it being a place to meaningfully form friendships, and so I don't see the site as having much purpose or potential. There are better, and safer places to meet and chat with other AB/DLs on the internet (such as right here), and if you want to chat in real time then we have the irc chat room. If you want to see the person you're talking to obviously that is not possible, but really I think sharing your identity with strangers has the potential to cause more problems than anything you may gain through seeing the face of another AB/DL.

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    at least your penis would be covered. unlike the current chatroulette, that seems to thrive from swinging and flopping and all manner of pen'i poisoning my monitor.

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    Wow, I wonder how different the reactions are
    In a German-speaking forum everyone said, it would be funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeru117 View Post
    And I, too, agree with his agreement.

    If we were to do that, whilst lulz would ensue, a certain chan site would probably start raging and flash mob US. Not fun.
    I agree with his agreement of sam's agreement.
    I had to say it.

    Now seriously, do you have any knowledge of how creepy chat roulette is?! Half the flippin time you end up with some guy w**king on camera, and the other half you have perverted sickos who want to see people w**king off on camera.

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    I hadn't heard of chatroulette up until a few days ago, I thought it was the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. My buddy told me that it was simply a pile of guys who expose their um, little buddies, on the camera. I would never want to take part in such a thing in any medium. Let alone wearing a diaper. The only thing I can think of is the fact that although it's very unlikely, what if someone you knew popped up on the screen. Not my idea of fun.


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    If you choose to do this, you can do so without the involvement of ADISC. Personally, I'd strongly recommend against it for reasons touched on by many of the sensible posts above.

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