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Thread: A rumour?

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    Default A rumour?

    This doesn't have much meaning to it, this is just a general question that I'm interested in finding an answer to.

    I heard that apparently, wearing a diaper often can lead to incontinence. And apparently this is because after wearing a diaper for a few years, and allowing yourself to use it whenever you like, this causes the body to get used to it and causes incontinence (be it night-time, or day-time too). So my question is, is this true?
    I'm slightly interested due to the fact that it'd be nice to HAVE to wear a diaper to bed every night, but I want to be prepared. :P

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    Yes and no.

    It is possible to become incontinent if you allow yourself to be - but it requires a lot of work. It's not a matter of "wearing a diaper often" - you'd have to be completely 24/7. And becoming incontinent isn't just physical, it's also pretty mental too.

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    It's true, but it's also no fun.

    Better to wear a diaper when you want. (You'll never be able to go swimming.)

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    I would say yes, but it takes months apon months of wearing 24/7 for that to happen.

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    Haha, yeah I get your points.
    It was just a passing thought I heard quite a while ago. So I thought I'd dedicate a little thread to it to gain some more nappy knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forum tips in the wiki(Moo)
    There is no safe, fast way to become incontinent. The only way to safely become incontinent is to stay in diapers 24/7, and use them for everything, until you "forget" how to control yourself. This usually takes a year or two. Quick short cuts to incontinence (like enemas) are often dangerous to your health.
    this is just a piece of info from the wiki.

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    I think loosing control or becoming incontinent depends on the person's will power, i can imagine that some peole could probabbly be untrained easier than others. Personally, being incont, I can't understand why anyone would want to do it.

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    Yes, it is entirely possible to give up your bladder control while wearing diapers. This is not automatically done just by wearing diapers. The individual must actually train the bladder to automatically empty when full. This is rather difficult, possibly taking years of constant diaper wearing.

    Continence is separated into night time and day time. Once does not have to wear 24/7 to become incontinent. During the night, the brain must first wake up the individual before the full bladder signal is received. During the day, the individual is prepared to receive the signal already. During the day, activities may also be separated into "diapers automatic" or "toilet option required."

    My experience lacks 24/7 wear and is closer to 8-9 hours per day, every day. In the past, I have worn diapers more often during the day and started to lose control during those times that diapers were too often used. After noticing the loss of control, I took steps to ensure that never happens. While I am awake and wearing, I always hold my bladder for a little while before releasing to ensure that I remain in control. At night is the opposite scenario. The wake up signal has become unreliable after years of neglect. Currently, I am trying to regain bladder control at night.

    I hope this answers your question.

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    I'd have to think that once you are toilet trained, a large part of this is mental, so I agree with NovaSurf that you have to really want to become incontinent (either day or night) in order to do it.

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    Becoming incontinent with just diapers would be impossible. But it's how you use them that would dictate the loss, even if it's only slightly, of continence. It's more a matter of, if you let yourself "go" whenever the urge hits you can become a lot less continent, even if you don't wear diapers all the time. There are various method's to obtain it, and different scenarios for each. Some say to stay in diapers all the time, but the reason it takes years is because you may still be using the toilet occasionally or holding it back. It doesn't matter if you wear diapers or not. If you want to actually become incontinent, you have to wet regardless of what you happen to be wearing, whenever you feel the urge...After a while this can turn into "urge incontinence"...And it works for both day and night. As long as you hold back some during the day, you'll naturally retain your continence. Also, for the mental factor, you'll have to naturally just go, so if you feel bad or embarrassed having someone find out you are incontinent, it'll only slow you down, as emotionally you don't actually want to give up control, and therefor you hold back automatically. This is exactly why some people say you should make everyone you know aware of your diapers if you plan on doing it - because then there's less of an emotional block. If you really want to wet the bed at night, you may need to forget the diapers sometimes and stick to your routine, because after all it's not because you wear diapers that you lose control, but because you let yourself lose control that it slips away. If you don't want that, simply hold back when you need to go and wear whenever you actually want to, not all the time.

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