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    yeah i was just thinking the other day how much i wish you were still able to find packs of diapers like the ones from like i dunno the early to late 80s or early 90s. Obviously not to actually wear but just for nostalgia reasons. I really dont like what they have done with diapers these days makes me wish for a time machine eh

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    yes there are tons of vintage diapers on ebay. Good luck trying to get them cheap. I just saw a vintage pack of Luvs going for $107.50. Kinda ridiculous but its true. Vintage diapers are much better than todays and I wish I was old enough to enjoy the diapers from long ago. I probably would of even bought some just to sell them in the future and make some money but no I was born in the wrong era.

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    yea i know its ridiculous the greed people have :/. However i will never understand the thought process of diaper making companies as to why they changed formats you know? I mean they were perfect at that time and now they are not even remotely :/

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    Cheaper to make but sell for the same price = more profit. It's all about the company and not the customer these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xmthw9221 View Post
    yes there are tons of vintage diapers on ebay. Good luck trying to get them cheap.
    well it does totally make sense. Look at anything "collectable" that has value. They share most of the same traits:

    - had them when you were young (universal trait)
    - were cheap
    - weren't durable
    - very few held onto them
    - haven't been made for a long time (or are available now but not the same, or are dated)
    - were always devaluated, damaged, or destroyed by use (universal trait)

    baseball cards and stamps are the classic examples but it applies to many other things - dolls, coins, gas pump signs, etc. Look at all the traits diapers hit on. Diapers also have the added issue that even those that are now LOOKING for them will be using them and destroying them as a result. Makes them all the more expensive and hard to find, even the collectors are lowering the number available. So this is totally unsurprising.

    I had a COMPLETE set of star wars and star wars 2 bubblegum cards when I was a kid, the ones that assembled into the posters. I don't even want to guess what something like that would be worth nowadays.

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    I totally agree.

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    I think the best thing you can do (concerning the diapers, not baseball cards, etc.) is to buy adult diapers that replicate the old diapers. Fortunately for me, I grew up with cloth, so it's easy for me to recreate that old feeling. But I feel your pain. If they no longer made adult sized plastic pants I would be in a total and complete panic.

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    I'm a big buyer of vintage diapers. I tend to look for luvs and pampers size 6 to wear on weekends.
    I have spent about $1000 in the last 6 months on vintage diapers.

    I scan the tapes from all my vintage diapers and put them on my website so you can print and apply them to an adult sized diaper and have that vintage look.

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    Look at the dollar tree type stores, I think they still sell plastic backed diapers. I actually saw a small pack for sale at the airport in Bangor Maine a few years ago, it was a smaller size, but it was in a clear package and clearly a plastic backed diaper. They are out there still just gotta find them. But I remember somewhere reading about how the cheaper everything is a dollar stores still selling them. But I could be wrong, I do not really buy diapers that do not fit. I did a few years ago pick up a pack of early 90's huggies for like 10 bucks on ebay.

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