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Thread: Where to Buy Diapers in upstate NY

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    Default Where to Buy Diapers in upstate NY

    I am not sure if I posted this in the right place or not. I am going to be working in upstate ny near albany and need diapers do to incontinence for about a month and all I can find is crappy diapers anyone know where i can get a better diaper locally so I don't have to stock my car with them and staying in a hotel so I am not trying delivery. Thank you for any help

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    I don't know any store by name or location, but I think the best place would be a local pharmacy. If you're not sure that they have the brand you want, you could always send them an email.

    Another option is to order them through the internet when you get there. That way you can be sure of the brand, and you won't have to bring so much with you.

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    Honestly, I live in Rochester, you're better off ordering online.
    As far as I know over here, there aren't any specialty medical stores, so you'd be stuck with going to a CVS or Walgreens, which don't really have any diaper brand that you would call amazing.

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    Likewise, you might be best ordering diapers online as they generally sell better quality ones in the online shops specializing in adult diapers than you would find at a major chain store.

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    there is a store in catskill called clarks medical supply. they have tranquility ATN they are a good diaper.

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    I just googled catskill and it is near one place i will be at thank you

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