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Thread: A movie in my town

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    Default A movie in my town

    A few of my local friends made a move called American Preservation.

    It was filmed over 6 months ago but yet to be released. It was filmed on the streets of garden City, MO.

    Check Out the Trailer

    I use to work with the guy at the start and the one at 1:05

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    Couple years ago Hot Tub Time Machine was filmed in my town. Got the ski resort and stuff, and ridiculous amounts of snow, but half the filming was in spring so even though it was all finally melting, they were halling it all over town by the truck load. Half the town ended up being extras though. Went to school with the girl who tells the guy Michael Jackson is still white. It's an awful movie though. They just filmed some horror with Jessica Biel in the place I'm at now, but that was a lot less community-invovled. Still, it's cool to see how big these things can be for small towns. Like that Tragically Hip song or something.

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    The movie was filmed by East Island Films

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    They filmed a lot of "Turner and Hooch" in Pacific Grove, California, when I lived there years ago. I decided that Tom Hanks was probably the most genuinely "good" guy in the movie business after that, primarily due to one experience.

    When they were filming one scene, Tom Hanks was taking a break, and we as a crowd were gathered on the other side of a rope. One lady shouted out from the crowd "Tom, Tom! It's me! (Name omitted)!" Tom Hanks came over to the group, took her over to the other side of the rope, gave her a big hug, then proceeded to tell the crowd that he would not be where he was without people like her. She helped him out when he was in San Francisco as an up-and-coming comedian by letting him stay with her and feeding him on occasion. I just thought he was really good to make the moment about her, and to show that he didn't forget the people that helped him.

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    Ga has been a hot bed for filming this year.

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