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    With my roommate out of town and a boatload of projects that need completing, I've resolved to lock myself in my room in a diaper and just do my work.

    This brought me to the question of whether or not I need to fully shower every time I change. I mean, since i don't have baby wipes it feels like the only way I know i am clean, but it eats into time and ruins my day.

    Granted I could just by baby wipes while he's out still, but I am a student. The other reason i stay in all day is because I have no money to spend on... Stuff.

    Anyway I know sometimes when kids wet pull-ups their parents just tell them to go put on another one. Granted I'm expelling a lot more urine which isn't exactly contained, but the principle is still the same.

    So is a shower necessary? or can I just extra TP myself and slip downstairs for some food after I empty my bladder?

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    You need to be at least wiping down with a wet cloth if you are going to be wearing for any length of time, TP is not enough. Cream is a good idea too.

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    Washcloth? A good clean-up with that or wipes is sufficient to deal with urine, particularly if you are clean-shaven. More effort if not. If it were me and I couldn't throw soap and water at the problem, I'd feel very grubby. It also raises the chance of some kind of rash, so if the wipes or washcloth aren't feasible, I'd go for the shower. It can be done very quickly if you're only cleaning the diaper area.

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    If you are using your diaper (#1 or #2) you need to clean up a little or your skin will start getting irritated. I just wet mine, but what I do is when changing I just use a damp facecloth to clean my skin. Wet the cloth, ring out, wipe, repeat, a total of usually 4 times. Haven't had unhappy skin since I started doing that. I think for #2 a shower is more appropriate though.

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    I find that even when wearing non-stop for a few days the only 'extra' washing needed, (other than my usual morning shower) is to have a really good bath/shower before bed.

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    yea i wouldnt say take a full shower everytime you change but atleast use a wet towel or washcloth even a wet paper towel and is you have a small amount of soap that would always help to

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