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    any of you guys play poker for fun? I've recently fallen in love with texes hold em. the aspect I like about it is the empathy required to really get inside your opponents mind.

    I fail at poker face however (just call me the giggler)

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    Best thing about no NHL in 2005 was how cool the UFC and poker became. Now a fan of both, the former for watchingand the latter for playing. I'm not the best at it, and against someone who really knows what they're doing (I've got a grandfather and and Uncle who were more than happy to shark my cousins, my brothers and myself out of some money at Christmas). Fortunately, as a dude who isn't so into drinking, I'm often the only sober guy around the table, and I think that's helped me win a few games. For me, it's all about patience. Lying's easy, especially lying about lying, but being willing to sit out for a few hands, bleeding out some chips and then coming in and slashing everybody's throats, well that's just a delightful feeling.

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