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Thread: Do you believe in ghost or out of body Experianís?

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    Default Do you believe in ghost or out of body Experianís?

    I know some people do not believe in the afterlife where your spirit travels on once you leave your human body behind you. Nevertheless, what yours option on this have you ever had a near death Experian before as if you almost die and seen angel or so what. I am just carouse what other say because had two over the years with see my guarding angel twice when almost died once when was 16 and another time when was 2 or 3 years old.

    I had bad seizures when I was two or three at the time it slow heart or complete stopped and then was in comma for 24 hr’s straight I woke up tell my mom that seen angel. She had red hair and a white woman in pretty gown just not wings never seen them ether time. I also seen here when was rush into hospital when was 16 I believe time when copulas on my live room floor with sharp pain in lower stomach. When rush to the ER and had blood work and other thing done I was told my Appendix was ready to exploded so got rush to surgery when was over told mom same thing when was done I seen her again. My mom said she is my guarding angel what believe too because doctor told my if was no found on the floor I would of died.

    When my grandmother die the night did not go up to see her at hospital my entire little cousin said seen in dream or through eyes. As my Experian is, I woke up to my bother yelling at mother get off the floor. There was white figure kneeling there she die from MS it was white figure you could make out it was female with hair and all. Therefore, my brother and I were yelling for mom to stop she comes in and flick on light ask what we was screaming. She turn off the light and it gone and there was time seen my aunt who die near shed in back yard just standing there look at us.

    Therefore, what you are though on this subject it has to be real because there a lot out there say see a light or something, family member who die, or so on like me.

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    Butterfly Mage


    It depends on your definition of ghost. I think it's possible for a physical place to be impressed with a spiritual overlay. But I don't think the spirits of the dead haunt people.

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    When I was younger, I used to have a camera that would take some low quality digital images. I apparently, would feel around on the floor, and would look for cold spots, and where I would feel one, I would take pictures. When it was send over to a computer, there would be ghost-like blue-purple images. Now that I think about it, it was kinda scary. When I was a freshman, I went ghost hunting with a girl I knew, and we caught some scary laughter on one of my digital audio recorders. Some scary stuff goin on.
    As for an "OOBE" I don't exactly believe in it, but I don't not-believe in it.
    Anything is possible, so I don't doubt a lot of stuff.
    I think Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi is bull though. They are paid to act scared and stuff. I once got behind The scenes look at them from a DVD I was sent from their Magazine. All the really did was just mess around outside.

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    I do think logically and need proof in order to believe certain things, but I do believe in the supernatural/paranormal.

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    I think that peoples spirits can hang around after they have past away, and even follow people. My brother and my cousin were basically identical in their personalities and when my cousin past away we both saw him running around my old trailer, it was plane as day then I would blink and he would be gone, and he would appear again he never around for more than 10 seconds at a time but he would show up 2 or three times a day. My brother claims to had seen him in his bedroom watching tv and wondering around his moms trailer, apparently he had seen him on several different occasions during the first year he had been gone. I had only seen him the time he was in my old trailer but I totally believe that my cousin followed my brother around. It was the first and only spirit I have seen but believing in "ghosts" does explain a ton of crap that went on in my grandparents old house, and an incident that happened to me and my uncle when we were camping. But I think all of the ghost shows are full of crap.

    I also believe that angels and demons both can appear to us like spirits can. But I haven't seen either only stories from family and people a church. I would have to really think about it more to elaborate on them more because I really haven't thought about any of this in a long time.

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    lol I saw a ghost hunter show and i didn't 100% percent believe it was fake
    even if it's false it was still fun to watch

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    I neither believe nor disbelieve. I think it's possible, but I'm not too sure. I've never seen anything myself.

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    Well, I've never seen an Experian in body, so I have to assume the out-of-body Experian is the real thing. I mean, does anyone internalize their credit report?

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    i do believe in the paranormal I have myself capture and flying orb and possible appration on video as well two diffrent voices also things appearing on the mirror

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    In my time, I've seen two enter the world. I've seen both friends and foe depart. My experiences tell me that, in life - there is no middle ground between present and past tense. Like the salesman says; when they are gone, they're gone.

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