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    Just asked my girl to Prom today!!!! anyone else in the Prom process???

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    got out of it by the hair on my chin, thank you thank you thank you to what every person said if there over 22 they cant go. and guess you turns 22 this month???????...................................... ........."THIS GUY"

    ps. no im not still in school but the gf who is 18 is,

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    I went to prom last year.. I won a stereo but other than that it was pretty crappy..

    I would have rather gone to a party with a few of my buddies, I hope my gf doesn't make me go to her prom.


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    When I was in high school, I didn't go to prom at all. I was too shy and nervous to ask someone out. I also didn't want to risk being embarrassed because it was a small school, so everyone would know if I got rejected.

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    I didn't go to prom, and glad of it. Too me it seems like is nothing more then an over glorified dance, that costs crap loads of money.

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    My girlfriend and I will be making our own prom cheaper and better

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    I don't plan to go to prom, I don't find anyone attractive and it's time wasted (to me).

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    Quote Originally Posted by dprdude92 View Post
    The subject is going to the prom, not how going makes you feel. Sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acorn View Post
    The subject is going to the prom, not how going makes you feel. Sorry.
    I know, acorn. My post edit explained my situation. My iPod redirected me through my Adisc history, since I had been in this thread previously. I have been meaning to go online to delete/move it to where it was originally supposed to go. It was either a bug or my iPod being screwy.

    I'm not stupid, I do know where to post stuff
    Last edited by ShawnyPup; 15-Apr-2011 at 22:24. Reason: Changed it to fit acorn's name properly :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dprdude92 View Post
    There is no need to explain, I do indeed know what happened and you are certainly not the first, you can take your place in line somewhere behind me. I did know that you would revisit to edit, hence how I quoted your post.

    From the last line can I take it to say that, 1/ I am, 2/ I don't. While I'm at it, the 'a' in acorn is not capitalized and you are the last in a long list to have done that to me.

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