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    Default too big?

    i've got a chance to buy and wear some diapers coming up and I was hoping to venture outside in them.

    A thought struck me about which size to get. I had intended on getting the abri-form air plus extra large but then i was concerned about going out in them and that maybe they were just too padded and I should prolly go for summin smaller?

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    all depends upon your size and what you'll be wearing.
    a snugger fitting diaper (especially a thick padded one) will usually create a telltale diaper-line (like a pantyline). sometimes, with a larger diaper, the shape is less defined as a good portion will sag down the leg or be spread about; this also the case with trads and a good reason for wearing trads looser/baggier.

    i've never tried Abenas, though; for public wearing i tend to go for the trimmer fitting dispies (Tenas, Indaslip, etc), not least for the greater ease of movement and less chaffing whilst walking.
    if in doubt, though, put a big coat or a long top on.

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    I think the bigger problem is crotch width than anything else. When you get into M4, bambino, and especially dry247, there's a much higher "waddle factor", which is equally noticeable no matter what you do or where you are. (wider crotch also starts risking chaffing to the inner thighs if you are walking/running a lot, as mentioned above) Some diapers are outright noisy ("crinkle factor") and are only a problem in quiet environments.

    I've only worn the M4 personally, but I think an M3 would be a better choice for an active day for little to no waddle and less chance of chaffing on the thighs.

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    thanks, i think i shall plump for the larger air plus as most of the time i'll not be out the bounds of my house.

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