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Thread: Holding it in & urgency - anyone like it?

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    Default Holding it in & urgency - anyone like it?

    I recognize that we are all different here and have many different desires but as I was driving into the office this morning, I thought of something that I like and was curious if any others feel the same way. It occurred to me that I really like that almost panic inducing sense of urgency when you really have to go to the bathroom. When I'm wearing, sometimes I hold it in for a while (although, I realize this probably isn't that good for you) until I reach that point where I have to go so bad that I'm pacing like a caged animal. I think I like it because it almost feels out of control and like I probably couldn't reach the bathroom even if I wanted to -- kind of a raw panic.

    I almost feel like I have very low-level instinctual feelings at that time and helps me step away from adulthood and the world around me.

    So does anyone here enjoy that or have similar experiences?

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    Quote Originally Posted by winnerchickendinner View Post
    Are you talking about omorashi?
    I had never heard of that before so I googled it. My answer is no - not exactly, although I see the similarity. This is completely non-sexual.

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    I know what your talk about hold your bladder for a long time what make it harder to reach the bathroom in time and if your going to do this be carful you can hurt yourself if you do it a lot or hold it to long I however would not suggest it.

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    I wouldn't say that I really hold it that long (certainly not to the point of hurting myself) and not that often. My point in this thread was I was wondering if other people had similar feelings when they DO get to that urgent point. I tend to hyperfocus when I'm working on something interesting and it is really easy to suddenly find myself having to go urgently.

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    I like it when I plan it, not when it's happening out of my control.. if that makes sence

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    i know what your talking about, its a very strange and exciteing feeling, in all honesty the only thing that competes with it and this is not something good but pure "terror", and ive only ever been terrified once in my life but thats the most similar feeling i know of to consider it to.

    minded im talking about holding it in untill you literaly cant hold it for another minute, its envigorating
    and then terror = horrible but still as close as i can get

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    see for me, im not into the holding it because ive become mortified of having an accident, ive had too many close calls

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    Yeah. I almost got to that point today, but didn't. Was doing a preformence at LSPU hall.

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    I used to drive 18 wheelers. When I didn't have any diapers with me, I would usually have to wait for a long time in some parts of the country, because Some places had huge gaps where services were available to truck drivers. At times I would be needing to go so badly that I would have some uncontrollable drops fall into my underwear. Diapers made thingy so much easier.

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