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Thread: I hit the Jackpot

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    Default I hit the Jackpot

    I did a buyout and got a bag of the Vintage Plastic Pampers Baby Dry size 6, got them today, I was really excited, the smell seems almost gone and I was a little disappointed to find they don't fit anymore, they are still bigger then the size 7 cruisers but w/e right, I didn't think I had grown that much since high school but I guess I was wrong, I'm not overally worried tough got a bag of 36 diapers and have roles of tape, things should work out .................I just wet my first one, ah the memories

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    Sorry from Ebay LOL

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    Wow, lucky you! Congratulations

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    I hate to rain on the parade - but I never got the idea why any grown up would want to buy REAL baby diapers... unless you are VERY tiny they will never Fit well... I mean ok as a booster pad ... but as a real diaper?

    I mean if you're into printed diapers, there are plenty of babyish designs...
    Personally totally NOT my thing... but hey

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    Nice find I wish I could have gotten my hands on those

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