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Thread: Good deal on Goodnites - Safeway

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    Default Good deal on Goodnites - Safeway

    If you happen to have a Safeway grocery store nearby, they appear to be clearing out some Goodnites (possibly other Huggies brands too).

    The Mega pack of L/XL (21) is $9.99, and there are valid Huggies coupons that should be usable on this - a $1.50 off one pack or a $3.50 off one pack. Could drop the price down to $6.49 for a 21-pack.

    Many have self-checkout if you're or ...

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    Only $9.99?? That's so cheap! I guess you live in USA, right? In Canada, those costs average about $16-$20 a pack - depends which store you buy from. I remember I once bought a pack on SALE at Safeway for $15.

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    Wow cheap

    Over here, they are around 6 for a pack of 9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sayounara View Post
    Wow cheap

    Over here, they are around 6 for a pack of 9.
    On you can get 3 packs for 9. I think I was 3.80 something last time I bought but they were on sale at Tesco.

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    Oh cool
    Unluckily for me I can't get things delivered to my house, but I can easily go out

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    Just a quick update - I was wrong and the coupon was $3, not $3.50. The sale is still on with a 03 May end date. It's even easier now as there are $2 coupons attached to the packages. Oddly enough, they've got a mix of older, newer, and very new stock - I managed to pickup the old race car design recently.

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    Over here in the UK, as ScottishHusky said, Amazon are doing 3 packs of 9 for 9, I got mine delivered (using the Amazon Prime free trial) today (the girl variety because they look better and I read on here that they are better for guys around my age), they came in a large-ish Amazon-branded box, which, after close inspection had no signs of what was inside at all, on opening I found there was some paper wrap/cushioning stuff and the Drynites-(goodnites to the rest of the world)-branded box, which had the three-pack in.
    I'm not sure whether it was my clumsy opening of the pack, but did anyone else get one diaper/nappy with a small hole in?

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    Manufacturing defects happen from time to time. Those lines are fully automated, you're the first one to lay eyes on the diaper when you pull it out.

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    Thanks for the tip. Safeways are not everywhere these days, but I found one locally....

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