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    I've been tossing around this question for awhile, wanted to see what y'all would say... Most transexuals i've talked to say they felt they were born in the wrong body. Until recntly(within the last 50 years) they've had to just deal with it.

    Nowadays they can get surgery to flip gender, which brings my question: If they find a way to put your mind, consciousness, and memories into a younger body, or somehow truly reverse the aging process, would you do it?

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    Superficially, yes. Upon more than a moment's reflection, no. I believe the mind and body share a sacred spiritual connection which I respect. Moreover, I believe in reincarnation, so I'm perfectly content knowing I'll get another chance to be young.

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    I personally like the idea of life experience. You learn more the longer you live. And, I also believe there's a limit to how much one mind can handle in terms of development. It's unlikely that an immortal could ever exist since the mind would eventually collapse upon itself.

    Though, I will admit, I have toyed with this idea a lot. I'm very much into sissy play, and not very discretionary in my gender preferences. But, I tend to prefer to keep a certain level of control. So, I usually fantasize about having the ability to switch genders - including body chemistry - at will. Now, if that were possible, I would find it very hard indeed not to do it.

    As it is, I am comfortable with my gender. I merely often wonder what it would like to be the opposite gender, and I tend to find the opposite gender cuter (not sexually attractive, simply cuter like a baby) and that affects my perception of myself as a baby. If that makes sense...

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    behh... no thanks...
    I wouldn't.... not that I am unhappy with my life or love to live for some time... but I think it's good the way it is and I see no need to mess with these things.

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    I'd probably do it. It would be nice to be a little girl for real. I think it (or something like this) will be possible some day, unless we (the human race) don't survive that long. With my luck, it'll become reality just after I die. x_x It could be a LOT longer though. Either way, it sucks that it probably won't happen in my lifetime. I can hope, though. There's a chance, even if it's a small chance. Virtual reality would be a cool alternative, though it might become a bit addictive. And who knows how long until technology like that would be developed.
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    I've developed "seedpod technology", where the seedpod grows a new me. I've already placed it under Justin Beiber's bed. Boy, is his life soon going to change!

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    the only reason we age is because of DNA decay as we age DNA replicates but with minor differences there will be no way to reduce the age of a person's body except if cryogenics comes good and you are able to transplant a brain but then that begs the question are you really you anymore ? if we manage to develop a way to prevent DNA decay we will be able to stop / slow down considerably the aging process but i doubt we would be able to reduce the physical age of the body even though all of us are no more thean around 7 years old in terms of tissue, muscle and bone age.

    it would be nice to be a lil boy but only for a short time i think that in the long term you would probably regret the decision

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    There's not much I like about being an adult. I don't think I'd regret it. That's just me though. Some people probably would regret making such a decision.

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    YES YES YES :<

    In an instant.

    It's not so much I feel like I'm in the wrong body, as I feel I'm in the wrong MIND.

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    A thousand times no! Getting a younger body sounds great unitl all your friends and family grow old and die before you. That and I don't think the mind is ment to last more then one lifetime. You'd go insane!

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