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    Default Hey there first time

    Hello all name is NHDlover actually this has been the first time in 27 years ive ever spoken to anyone about my secret love of diapers heh.

    I have never really been able to physically experience them since i was little but have always secretly yearned to.

    I am also autistic with aspbergers which in and of itself is hard enough on me to get into social things and whatnot. Anyways i wanted to keep this short but i hope at least i will find some support and solace here because i have been reading your posts silently for weeks now :P

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    Hello, welcome to the forums!

    So what are your interests other than diapers???

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    Welcome to adisc! I admit I did do a bit of lurking before I joined XD, I'm sure you'll fit in fine! There are so many nice people here, I'ts easy to make friends

    Sayounara x

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    HI Yay anyway probably mention my little pony alot its a great show that and sandraandwoo is my faovurite webcomic, Oh and don't fret about anything you won't have to many social problems here, or Im in complete denial of any social problems. This is pretty much the first site i've really been so open about being autistic.
    so what are your other interests?

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    well to be perfectly honest im really big into computers obviously and definetly videogames heh. Those are one thing ive had more interest in my entire life. I collect "sort of" older video games and systems like super nintendo and atari and whatever. Well i guess the OTHER thing i really really love doing is my job hehe go figure right. I happen to work for an assisted living home for the elderly with the activities department and just love helping people. Ive worked there for over 4 years and volunteerd for over 8

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    i do admit though friends would definetly be nice. Due to my aspbergers and such i have an extremely hard time making real friends. Really i havent had a real life friend for over 10 years :/ nor have i been able to muster the ability to try to have a relationship with anyone even if i really want love heh. I know thats not what this place is for so dont worry i wont go into it much more. Its been some tough years though really the only people outside of my job that i speak to are friends on Xbox live which i really dont count as REAL friends sigh

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    Welcome to adisc!

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