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Thread: What to wear over diapers?

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    Default What to wear over diapers?

    What do you wear over diapers when you're also wearing regular clothes? Just the diaper and pants (and sometimes plastic pants), or does anyone wear regular underwear or boxers over the diaper as well?

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    If I'm at home I usually wear black sweat pants along with a t-shirt so I can stay cool. If I'm going to bed I just wear the diaper and a t-shirt/no top. Haven't gone out with diapers though, too scared ><

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    I only get to use diapers when no one is home. But what i wear over mine is a tee-shirt and mabe some girls panties. I'm a Sissy/LG, so thats why the panties

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    Normally nothing or normal pants. Sometimes normal underwear though when I'm out of the house for a while.

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    If not nothing, I usually just wear pants or shorts depending on the temperature to stay cool or warm. If I'm going out in public I wont wear boxers between the diaper and pants unless I'm feeling really insecure or I plan on taking the diaper off later on in a bathroom.

    So yeah, I usually just wear pants or shorts over my diaper because my philosophy is diapers are just another form of underwear.

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    I'll usually just go with just a diaper and a shirt, but if I'm going out I'll wear underwear over them. I guess it makes me feel a little more "discreet".

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    I usually wear my reglar clothes over my diapers.

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    At night I always wear terry lined plastic pants over my Molicares, the ones from BabyKins with 1" elastic waist band are great, I have had them for years. During the day I wear tight fitting cotton / spandex underwear from Abena over my Abena L2 diapers. The underwear keeps the diaper tight against me skin and prevents a wet diaper from sagging. I have know people that wear 100% spandex bicycle shorts over their diaper for a tight fit.

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