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Thread: New firefox.

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    Default New firefox.

    I just added the new firefox to my computer, I would like to know would you or should you get rid of Internet Explorer.

    I like the way it works, and i don't know if it is wise to just eliminate IE.

    I figured I would ask one of you guys before I screw something up.

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    What's wrong with having Firefox 3 and IE on the same computer? O_o

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    It's always worth keeping IE for emergencies. Some stupid websites are IE only compatible, which although smokes cock, is still existent on the net.

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    Firefox 3 is amazingly better than 2. 2 would always get choppy and slow on me after leaving it open for a day. FF3 is so zippy it's awesome...and currently only using 85mb of ram! Yippee!

    You can 'uninstall' IE by going to control panel, 'add/remove programs' and clicking on 'windows components' on the left-hand side. It won't completely remove IE, but it'll eliminate all the icons and associations with it, which is better than nothing I guess.

    And if you ever need IE for an 'emergency' just open up 'my computer' and type in the URL. Done...though I usually keep Opera as a backup browser :P

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    I never had firefox before and I wanted to know what is best, it seems to work a whole lot better then IE.

    So I figured I would just dump IE.

    I went to all the sites I normaly go to without a problem, well maybe I'll keep it for a while to see if everything works out.

    Thanks Guys really appreciate your help................B

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    Firefox is better without much question, but like others said you can't really completely get rid of it on windows. The only way to be free from it is to use a different OS . Glad to hear you switched .

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    Thanks guys for your input, when it comes to computers I'm kinda new, and learned what I know from just useing it.

    I can take your car apart and put iit back together, and it will work better when it's done, but I'm still learning on this.

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    I keep IE, because some websites work better with it (Nexon, for example). FA also messes up watches with Firefox 3.

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    I use Firefox for about 3 years now. I hated the tab system at first. But as soon as i got used to it. Its way loads neater rather than having 100s of windows mixed with the tabs of your other 100 programs running.

    Firefox to me is still a Memory hog, although they made it better. It still chew up 500MB of resources easily with about 10-15 tabs.

    IE is a shell of XP's explorer. Which is annoying but also poses many security risks. I think in vista that is why they they made IE seperate from the main file explorer. So It should be possible to remove it completely. But in the days of windows 95 where IE and the file explorer were sperate.

    As for FF3 and 2.2 or what ever was the latest then :P. Its alright, I have not really used the search multiple parts of the address in your hirstory. You know when you start typing in words, for example UnMarth, It might find the IRL to my profile page. It was a little annoying at first, But i haven't really used it to its full potential, I was woried it might slug down my system. But I am surprised it runs damn smoothly.

    It has the save sessions by default when you close the window, which i want to get rid of. Its suppose to get rid of all histroy when it closes :P.

    But FF3 looks promosing, more stable. But I still has frozen on me a few times. But not as often as 2.2

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    That's the one downside to tabs -- you start opening a ton of them andyou use a lot of memory . But, with 2.5G in this machine, firefox could easily eat up 400M without me caring too much.

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