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Thread: New to this whole thing.

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    Default New to this whole thing.

    Hi Everyone!

    So, basically my boyfriend and I are a young couple in college. We've been dating for about 5 months and he recently opened up to me and told me that he is a DL. I'm perfectly fine with this and don't find it odd at all, but I still find myself nervous. I ordered some diapers for him that should be here next week but I'm just so nervous I don't know what to do. It's not that I'm uncomfortable with it, it's just that I've never done this before and I want it to be perfect for him. I don't even really know why I'm posting, I guess just to get it out there. He's never done it before either so he can't really tell me what he wants me to do. Any suggestions?


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    So Katie, can I call you Katie?

    Here's my suggestion: stay the way you are. You're aready doing way better than most people in your situation. That you're willing to do this for him says wonders about the kind of person you are. The first time will probably be awkward for both of you, but that you're willing to give it a try is probably above and beyond what he was expecting in the first place. Just remember that if you DO feel uncomfortable about something, be sure to speak up about it.

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    Congratulations on your willingness to do this for your bf. It's so special to take this on.

    Now, what you need to do is stay calm, be supportive, keep asking him through the whole process how it's going. Change him and take care of him, like you would a little child who needs their diapers and clothes changed. He'll love you for it!

    Most importantly is keep talking, both of you write out your expectations in the relationship, not just his DL desires, but everything, including what you want to gain from the relationship. It will go along way for him to know how to meet your needs.

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    Coming from another DL if I was in your situation and you were my girlfriend, I would probably love you even more after I told you that I was DL. You being supportive and joining this forum for him is good enough. Buying him diapers definitely showed him that you care and you are committed to your relationship. I think you should just keep up what your doing and talk to him a little bit about what he may like you to do. I think its just good enough for him to find a person that doesn't care that he is a DL and supports him. Way to go!

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    Thanks everyone, I will try my best and I guess I can update everyone and then get some more feedback

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