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Thread: Good boosters for heavy wetters

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    Question Good boosters for heavy wetters

    I am seeking some boosters that can handle heavy wettings, as I am using Abena Abri-Let Maxis with my Abena Abri-Form M3 or L3s, and I can wet pretty heavily to the point of or near leaking most of the time. Are there any ones that have that gel-like expansion I have seen at my ABDL friend's place last year, they held a HUGE amount without leaking, and I think they were Bambino for both the diaper and booster (We both wore for 16 hours straight, 3pm - 6am and mostly say on the couch).

    The main spot for leaking is around the leg guards and I already have 2 small stains on my chair since I didn't use a thick towel to sit on one night.

    Any suggestions to look for?
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    I use lillie boosters with my abena M4s not gel thou and i dont know if they are avaliable in the usa , how about trying them ones on abu ?

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    Lillie boosters? Never heard of them, do tell me more about them.

    Edit: Oh! 400ccs of liquid, what might that be in fluid ounces?

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    Wear lined plastic pants over your diapers. It works for me. Kins has a terry-lined polyester pant which is durable and comfortable. The price is reasonable, the value is good. Never, ever, have I leaked beyond this combination. The peace of mind is worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glaice View Post
    Edit: Oh! 400ccs of liquid, what might that be in fluid ounces?
    The internet tells me it's 13.525609023560001 ounces.

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    The thicker the booster, the more your diaper is likely to sag and expand in the inner leg (crotch) area. Abenas by themselves will sag if too wet, and I know from experience that an Abri-Let Maxi plus an M4 fully wet will sag quite a lot. Leaks are more likely to happen when all you have is that combination.

    Like mentioned above, I suggest you wear plastic pants and/or even use bed pads (disposable or not) on your couch and chair. You can never have too much peace of mind when it comes to leaking.

    Also, now that I think about the diaper your using and the booster, they both have a relatively low amount of absorbent gel crystals, which leads to more sagging and an eventual effect of feeling wet when your diaper has had 16 hours of wetting.

    As for a diaper/booster combo, I would suggest you use Bambinos or Secure XPlus (they are the same diaper) with ABU UltraBooster Pads (ABU Ultra Booster Pads @ as the MegaBooster Pads are there to make you feel wetter. I don't have too much knowledge in plastic pants and I believe all bed pads are generally the same (except for the size of the pad of course).

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    The Tranquility boosters are almost all SAP it seems. They've pretty thin but get very gel-y and swollen when wet. I would guess they'd make a good combo with a high pulp low SAP diaper.

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    try using an abena m4 instead of an m3 if you find that it still leaks on you with a booster. lined plastic pants will also help a lot too if that combo does leak. as someone else above said a disposable or reusable bed pad will protect any furniture from any unlikely leaks.

    if you find that the wet diaper still sags too much you can always wear a pair of briefs/boxer briefs/Cotton fixing pants over it to help hold it up. a good teeshirt onsie is also a good option

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    I will also look into purchasing some plastic pants sometime as they will help on leak containment and general crinkle hiding.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys and gals. :7

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    If your not ordering online, i would suggest trying Selected KIDS Diaper Booster Pads from BabyRus or Toys Rus. The pads are about the length of a baby diaper, the thicknes of 2 baby diapers. They come in a pack of 35 or 45 for the price of 5 bucks.

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