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Thread: Learned my lesson

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    Default Learned my lesson

    Well I've learned my lesson. I took pictures of myself in my bambinos (because it was my first time and I was so excited to show my AB friends) on my phone and I left my phone unatttended in my house. My little sister got ahold of my phone, and told my other little sister what she saw in my pictures. I guess they both know now. D: Not sure what to do, I guess I've been keeping calm, pretending it never happened, hiding my stash better so they can't venture into my room and get proof. Anything like this ever happened to you? What did you do about it?

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    I once took a few pictures of me in diapers, and forgot they were on my camera, then I later showed my mom a picture I took, and she almost when through all of them. I had to snatch my camera away, before she got any closer to my DL pics. Close call though-

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    Oh wow that sucks I guess you just gotta try to pretend nothing happened and be more careful next time.

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    I really hate that, when you show someone one picture, and they all of a sudden think it's a good idea to go through your whole camera. xP

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    I have my own camera, computers and considerable privacy in my room so I have no problems such as the above. My parents and siblings respect it as I do the same, tho my mom knows I wear diapers but she accepts it as it doesn't harm me in any way.*

    The only places that have my diaper photos online is RUPadded and DL-Boy, and a very few select DL friends.

    *This post was made while padded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbtim59 View Post
    Oh wow that sucks I guess you just gotta try to pretend nothing happened and be more careful next time.
    I figured it's better than getting mad I guess. That would just give me away compleatly. :P
    Also I just remembered how the quote thing worked, so I forgot to quote Balto123 on my last reply. Sorry about that. >.<

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    Well we don't know what the pics were like but I'd suggest you just deny and dodge while hiding any evidence.

    I mean its not really something that someone would just make up, but it might be possible to play it off as something else depending on the pics.

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    Ouch. Be nice to the siblings and dont give them any reason to use it.

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    Just delete the picture, and if they ever say anything, like to your parents, just say they're lying. You would be safe unless they do something like take each sister aside and ask them what it looked like, and they both say the same thing.

    I have some diaper files on a computer and a flash drive, but they're all either in hidden folders that require a password to access or they're encrypted, and named non-ABDL names. The ironic thing is that the encrypted files on the flash drive can only be opened on the computer that has the files in the hidden folder.

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