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Thread: What mood is a diaper mood?

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    Default What mood is a diaper mood?

    In my time here, I've noticed a trend that many people in this community gravitate to diapers as a source of comfort. For some people, it's the security. For others, it's reassurance. But in most cases, people seem to use diapers as an emotional crutch. I'm not saying that's a bad thing- we all need things to get us through mentally and emotionally strenuous times. For many people here, diapers seem to be just the thing to do that.

    However, I've always been the opposite. I'm highly self-conscious about my diapers. First, as I've said, I'm transgender. I'm a biological male and find men in diapers to be very, very unattractive. Exceptions exist, but for me, that's the rule. Wearing diapers tends to thusly increase my stress to involve body image issues. Moreover, there's the maturity aspect. Yes, adult babies are just that- MATURE adults who enjoy acting like babies. But I have difficulty losing myself in that. When I'm worried about the future or my career, diapers usually make me feel worse. They make me feel like a person who wants to be an ambitious go-getter in life, but chooses to wallow in strange hedonistic pleasures instead. Not that anything's wrong with that- just that I'm spending far too much time and energy focusing on the lower levels of basal gratification (diapers being a rather hedonistic pleasure) rather than higher ones (having a satisfying career and contributing to the world).

    But that's when I'm feeling insecure and although they remain valid emotions, I also realize they can be somewhat rash. On the other hand, when things are going well is when I can really enjoy some diaper time. I recently finished a semester with a 4.0 GPA. When my final grades came in, I wore diapers every night for nearly a week (and most of the days) and loved every moment of it. When I'm on an emotional high, diapers are a nice pleasure to indulge in.

    It's like beer. When I'm feeling down it may mask my concerns but I tend to just feel worse about plying myself with alcohol rather than doing something productive. But when I'm in a good mood and doing something I enjoy, a good beer makes me feel that much better.

    So what do you think? Is there anyone like me that can only enjoy diapers when in a good, positive mood? I assume there are, but I haven't heard it nearly as much as the opposite.

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    For me I will know if I'm in a mood for diapers as soon as I wake up, I either wake up with the urge to wear or I don't.

    Although with my paci i'm always in the mood for a good suck.

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    I have to say, there are things to this rant that I can agree with and relate to.. and things that I cannot.

    Going off topic just a tad..

    Personally, because of my own unique situation in life and feelings about life, I'm not so attached to always labeling myself. I feel like a good part of your rant has somewhat to do with the fact that you can only really enjoy the diaper, babyish behavior when you feel like you are also not neglecting the adult side of you. I really respect this, and I know that it certainly can lower the self esteem of someone to feel like just a worthless person in the eyes of society. If I'm wrong in assuming any of this, I really do apologize. But if I am right, then this is where we don't really share the same feelings. I have, luckily a large support system around me.. and even just taking some low part time job is enough to really pull my own weight. I have a unique situation where I am given the freedom to express myself in any way I choose. Because of this, I care less about feeling like an "adult" in societies eyes and I just focus on being myself. Ignoring age, ignoring anything.. I just am myself. Most of the time this involves childish behavior, but this really does depend on how I'm feeling at the time.

    Where we do really seem to relate is just simply the fact that I as well, don't use diapers as a way to comfort me when I need it. Not saying that acting in that small, wonderful baby state isn't comforting in it's own way.. but I can only really truly indulge myself in such a peaceful then when I am feeling happy and already at peace with my emotions and my life at the time. If I'm upset, it just ruins the entire experience and I can't even really get into it. So yeah...

    I worried I over ranted during the slightly off topic section. Oh well.

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    I don't wear diapers a lot right now because it's not in the budget. After thinking about it I think I tend to wear diapers more when I am in a manic phase of my bipolar which you could compare to being in a good mood (manic reallly good mood). I don't get as much comfort from diapers as I do from my binky and my blankie, but I do still enjoy diapers.

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    Hi. I wear diapers on occasion, though I tend to be in the same boat as LittlePony. Finances make harder. But, for me, I've found my "diaper moods" are varied. If I'm feeling highly emotionally stressed, I find acting like a baby - with or without the paraphernalia - comforts me. My desire seems to be more closely associated with being treated like a baby, and coddled like one.

    However, I also find myself turning to diapers and wetting in times of certain sexual rushes. These urges tend to be random, admittedly. They're impossible to predict. Sometimes, I just get a craving for a diaper and a binky.

    And then there are times - which are more common, by far - when I simply wear diapers and/or suck on a binky for the simple pleasure of doing so. Though, more likely than not, all of this relates back to my psychological desire to be coddled and cared for like a baby.

    I'm not sure if that helps, any. To be honest, I've only ever met one other person interested in this kind of thing before. Alas, we only knew each other for a few days. So, I can't really bring anything other than my own personal experience to this conversation.

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    Calefacient now that you mentioned it I tend to use diapers at certain times when I am having a sexual rush also and that tends to be when I'm more in an overly happy manic phase.

    But I had the money to buy tons of diapers I would probably wear them constantly. Not to mention it is tough when you live w/ parents.

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    I like diapers a lot more when I'm in a good mood in the first place. A lot of the time, or usually, they can help me feel better when I'm in a bad mood, but sometimes not.

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    Oddly enough, it's easier to take the time to diaper up when I'm in a good mood, though I get more emotional fulfillment if I'm in a bad mood.

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    I'm a bit similar to Calefacient in that I wear mostly when I get really stressed, and it's psychological in that I want to be taken care of and held. I get less baby and more "grown-up" when I'm feeling like I've achieved a lot and my life is moving forward, but I find that if I wear then I still enjoy it, just in a weirdly different way.

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    I couldn't even tell you, its just whenever the mood sets in, usually its late at night, or when im doing yardwork....... even though it doesn't help my performance level haha.

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